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Our New Favorite Toy- LeapFrog LeapBuilders! New 2020

LeapFrog Builders

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In this house, we love toys that encourage learning and new skills but we obviously want them to be fun, too! Olivia and my nephew absolutely love building toys and that is why we had to check out the new LeapBuilder Fruit Fun Elephant from LeapFrog. It is the perfect toy for building, learning, and creating. And, it was enough to keep these two kiddos engaged and entertained for quite a while which is no easy feat!


LeapFrog Builders

The LeapBuilder Fruit Fun Elephant set is a building toy. It comes with 21 different blocks, that are all colorful and sturdy to make building easy for little hands. Not only are they easy to hold, but 10 of them have bright pictures of fruit and animals. You put the blocks into a centerpiece called the Smart Star. It sings educational songs and even helps your little one learn numbers and colors. There are 4 songs and over 60 phrases about animals. I seriously love how interactive this toy is! 

LeapFrog Builders

We had tons of fun with the Leapbuilders Elephant, but your Smart Star can be used with other LeapBuilders sets as well. There’s a huge variety to choose from, but I think our next picks will be the Safari Animals and the Soar & Zoom Vehicles. When you add new blocks to the interactive cube, you unlock more responses and phrases! Learn more about all the LeapBuilders here. 

LeapFrog Builders

Quick Facts About the Fruit Fun Elephant

  • Age requirement is 2+
  • The set comes with 21 blocks
  • You build on top of the interactive Smart Star cube which triggers sound effects to encourage learning
  • The elephant is the main thing to build, but there are a couple other really cute things you can make as well
  • There is a question button and a music button to press for interaction
  • The Smart Star will work with other Leap Builder sets

LeapFrog Builders

New Toys on the Block Sweepstakes

LeapFrog Builders

If you are as excited about an educational toy that your child will actually love as I am, then you have to enter this sweepstake! LeapFrog is giving away five sets of LeapBuilders toys. You can enter and find more details here! 


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