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Parenting trends: mustaches for babies New 2020

Parenting trends: mustaches for babies

photo: alexander crispin

I don’t know what’s so charming about a handlebar mustache, but it seems to be everywhere right now.

mustache shirt on etsy

wooden toy on etsy

I love this photo I found on Pinterest of a baby with a mustache.

photo: rubyellen

You can certainly do it yourself with a chopstick and a cut-out, but the non-crafty gal can also buy a Mustache on a Stick

. I saw it displayed at a scrapbooking store and found it for $5.00 on Amazon. I thought it would be fun to bring to Mom’s Group and let everyone take a photo of their baby with a mustache.

This handy mustache kit from an etsy seller would be fun for a party.

I’m sort of tempted to whip up a few to bring to my uncle’s wedding this weekend. Because what 65-year old couple doesn’t want all the kids in their wedding photos to be posing with mustaches?

And finally, I saw this onesie by Kira Kids hanging in a store the other day.

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