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Perfect diaper-themed gifts for any new parents New 2020

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Thanks to Desitin, my favorite booty cream, for sponsoring today’s post.

The pressure new moms put on themselves to live out their values through their parenting choices and purchases can weigh a ton. Not wanting to add to it with the wrong baby shower gift, we tread lightly around certain topics. Childbirth, feeding, sleep philosophies, baby wearing, diapers? Do what you want and change your mind as needed, Parents.

Without wanting to assemble the wrong diaper cake, we feel safer sticking to baby shower gifts that support diapering in general. Whitney took a turn at the wheel over on the Desitin Tumblr page and shared her five favorite baby shower gift ideas that work for babies in any style of diaper (disposable, cloth, edible, whatever)…

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Disclosure: This is our second stint as guest authors on the Desitin Tumblr as part of a sponsored campaign. Opinions and gift picks are ours. (Desitin in the blue box is my favorite diaper cream, for realz.)

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