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Pimp your toddler’s ride New 2020

little tykes car spraypainted DIY

little tykes car spraypainted DIY
Most of us are not nearly as crafty as founder Winter Wilsey, but when you see her masterpiece, you’ll sure wish you were. Whether your design sensibilities are mid-century modern, European vintagey, or sub-continent Bohemian, you’ll have to agree with her:

Unless you are a Winnie the Pooh or Disney enthusiast, you are pretty much screwed once you have a kid, as far as acquiring anything for your child to match your punk rock lifestyle. Welcome to your newly decorated home, soon to be littered with non-recyclable, neon red and blue plastic crap.

As new punky parents we are forced into a different kind of consumer’s world, one which makes us believe we must purchase a multitude of brand new “eyesores” in order to make our children happy.

Winter cleaned up this car, painted it black, and embellished with fabrics that reflect her own personal style. Rock on!

little tykes car spraypainted DIY

At the playground I frequent the most, there are at least five of these Little Tikes cozy coupes in their original form circulating amongst the 12-24 month old set, and on Craig’s List they run from about $5 to $25.

I do have a hot glue gun…

Read Winter’s tutorial here >

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