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Plan a pizza party playdate in the park New 2020

Plan a pizza party playdate in the park

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new mom tip: Order a pizza party playdate to the park #rookiemoms

Inspired by the recent warmer weather, I present an activity that is both easier and more social than having a picnic dinner with your baby: Let your pizza guy do all the heavy lifting.

I like to order from my local pizza place, Lanesplitters, and ask them to deliver to my nearest kiddie playground. I order a cheese pizza for the unadventurous small people — double-cut so they have slim slices — and a half herbivore/half carnivore for the big people. We all drink from our own water bottles or sippy cups, or share a big bag of wine.

Would you try to make it more healthy than a few veggie fragments on a pizza? If yes, bring a bag of clementines or some baby food pouches loaded with kale.

What is the paleo diet equivalent for ordering pizza?

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