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Power couple Eric and Kim Dalius Explains How You Can Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats ”

Today, every organization focuses on making a digital presence and using software for most business operations. While the practice comes with endless benefits, including the ability to access data remotely or efficiently handle transactions, it also makes businesses vulnerable to cybercrimes.

Cyber attacks are a real threat, regardless of the size of an organization. Besides financial losses, the business also loses the brand’s reputation. Fortunately, brand owners can protect their business and survive despite the threats with risk management or other advanced technology safety solutions. Today, we are sharing some of the ways that help business owners from potential cybercrimes.

Here are a few security measures you must consider taking, according to Kim Dalius– 

Stay up to date with security software

Security software has become a necessity for every organization to mitigate the risk of cybercrimes. Not only do employees need security software on their laptops or mobile devices, but they also need time-to-time software updates for protection against potential scams and viruses. As an attacker’s capabilities evolve with time, companies should have the latest software versions on every employee’s device. You need to keep upgrading your security measurement so no hacker or an expert can easily breach your data or anything. 

Data backup

Organizations must back up data regularly to mitigate cyber attacks or general IT issues. The practice ensures that owners or employees can access valuable information, even when it is compromised. Another way to protect data is to back it up on an external drive and store it separately. Alternatively, you can back up data via cloud storage solutions that allow quick access to information irrespective of the location.

Data encryption

Most organizations have multiple offices and thousands of employees who share information – whether it company information or private customer data. It’s best to encrypt the data before sending it online. Encryption makes it difficult to damage or interrupt because the data converts into a coded language. Try using the help of experts and security analysts to integrate an unbreakable encryption code for data sharing or transferring so everything stays safe and secured.  With years of experience in assisting startups and well-established firms, Kim Dalius knows every in and out of data security. With the help of her ideas and insights from Eric Dallius they were able to offer profitable knowledge about security to a wide range of companies 

Two-factor authentication

Most users use easy-to-guess passwords, like ‘password’ and ‘12345’, making it easier for hackers to breach security. Two-factor authentication requires additional proof of identification before accessing an account. It means hackers would need a password and the code sent to the user’s mobile device to gain access. This additional layer of security not only refrain hackers from accessing the account but also alerts the owner about the threat.

When you want to protect your organization from potential cyber threats, it’s best to look for reputed security professionals or companies who can help you in scouring all your digital assets flawlessly. 

Mims Blog

Power couple Eric and Kim Dalius Explains How You Can Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

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