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Pre-Holiday Must-Haves – ModernMom

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“It’s beginning to look  a lot like Christmas…” The weather is getting cooler and holiday decorations are popping up so it’s definitely time to start getting prepared! We have a few items that are must-haves for your family and friends that you want to get asap.

It’s almost December and this year, more than ever, we want to give our kids something to look forward to as they anxiously wait for Christmas! These interactive advent calendars are absolutely adorable AND will keep them entertained with a new toy to discover every day. The hardest part will be choosing which one to buy with choices like slime, toy vehicles, squishies, erasers and so much more!

It’s also cold and flu season so we want to do everything we can to give our little ones an extra boost of immunity to keep them healthy – that’s why we LOVE Bionic Boost. This all natural product was created with kids in mind includes an organic super blend of four scientifically proved effective herbs (and includes vitamin C). Not only do these taste great, but they come in a little spray bottle so it’s super easy to take these on the go.

For some safe holiday fun we love these inflatable snow tubes! How fun would it be to slide down a snowy mountain on your very own llama or ice dragon? Get noticed on a unicorn or reindeer! These Joyin inflatables are the perfect accessory for any winter getaway. Socially distanced, of course!

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