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Pregnancy Fashion – The Best Maternity Jeans 2019 – Our Editors Top Picks New 2020

Pregnancy Fashion - The Best Maternity Jeans 2020 - Our Editors Best Picks! The best maternity jeans can go a long way to boost confidence. Since most mamas are in maternity jeans for awhile after pregnancy, you need a great pair. #pregnancyfashion #maternity #pregnancy #maternityjeans #guide

First piece of pregnancy fashion advice; shut out all the noise around you about not buying maternity clothes or going overboard with maternity looks because you “will only be in the clothes for nine months.” We say you deserve to feel good about yourself every single day of those nine months, whether that means you’re going to be in sweatpants and an old T-shirt or putting on a full face of makeup and flaunting your bump. Part of feeling good about yourself might be your clothes, and we don’t blame you. The best maternity jeans can go a long way for a confidence boost. And here’s the biggest secret of all, most mamas are in their maternity jeans for awhile after pregnancy and that is 100% okay and normal! That being said, you should find a pair (or 3) that you totally love.

Pregnancy Fashion – The Best Maternity Jeans 2019 – Our Editors Best Picks

Best Maternity Jeans

Madewell Maternity Skinny Jeans 

Best Pregnancy Jeans

This is one of my absolute favorite pairs of maternity jeans, and it’s because they look nothing like maternity jeans! I mean, they are Madewell after all which is one of my personal favorite brands and a common favorite among many mamas for their simple but trendy looks. Rather than the full over the belly panel these jeans have some stretchy side material. They also are cut low in the front to fit with a growing belly, but high in the back so you don’t have to worry about coverage. Also, the knee rips and the frayed hems will keep you feeling just as stylish as you were pre-baby. Check Current Prices Here!

AG Secret Fit Belly Farrah Skinny Ankle Maternity Jeans

A Pea in the Pod Pregnancy Jeans

Moms need to learn to treat themselves, and this begins in pregnancy. These jeans are the perfect treat yourself purchase, and while they are a bit pricey they will wash and wear so well. You can also probably wear these through a couple different pregnancies or pass them along to a friend once you are done with them because they are built to last. The secret belly panel can be pulled way up, which is comfortable and looks smooth under any shirt. The jeans are also made of a jegging material giving you some stretch so you can wear them throughout your entire pregnancy comfortably. The best trio around; chic, comfortable, and durable. Check them out here!

Old Navy Maternity Premium Full Panel Rockstar Jeans

Pregnancy Jeans

If you don’t have a pair of Old Navy Rockstars already, you are seriously missing out. They are surprisingly trendy and super comfy, and now they make them in a maternity version as well! They cut right at the ankle and come in a couple different washes. One of the best things about Old Navy is their wide variety of sizes and that they have short, regular, and long inseams meaning you can really get the perfect fit. The premium full panel gives you a 360 real button front waistband, giving the jeans a bit more of a normal feel. Check Current Prices Here!

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Maternity Slim Boyfriend Jeans

Best jeans for pregnancy

You just can’t go wrong with a good pair of Levi’s, and you can’t go wrong with a good pair of boyfriend jeans. So, this pair of Levi boyfriend maternity jeans really is golden. They are a relaxed fit cuffed right at the ankle, and the come in both a light and dark wash. They have a full coverage soft knit panel and are made of a super stretchy material that does not lose its shape. Check out the price tag because they are seriously a steal! Available on Amazon

LOFT Petite Maternity Skinny Jeans

Best Pregnancy Jeans

Being petite and pregnant can make finding any clothes, let alone jeans, very hard to find. Thankfully Loft recognized this and made this super cute pair of Petite Maternity Skinny Jeans! They are a pretty dark wash, soft, and super stretchy. They have a full belly panel that can be pulled over and rolled down, and it’s nude colored making it perfect for any white tees. You have enough to think about when you are pregnant, so taking a seamstress off the list and finding some jeans that just fit is a real win. Check Current Prices Here!

Luxe Essentials Secret Fit Belly Addison Maternity Ankle Jeggings

A Pea in the Pod Pregnancy Heans

Jeggings will probably sound a bit more appealing than jeans throughout your pregnancy, but finding a trendy and flattering pair can be a real struggle. These are the ones you have been looking for, I am telling you! It will feel like you are slipping into your favorite pair of skinnies and look like it too! The only difference is the full belly panel and how extremely comfy they will be to wear all day long. Plus, you have got to love those slight knee rips and barely frayed hems keeping you in the latest fashion but still classic and timeless. Check Current Prices Here!

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Crossover Panel Skinny Jeans

Target Pregnancy Jeans

Target can do no wrong, so of course their take on maternity jeans came out super cute and won’t take a hit to your wallet. They are made of a power stretch denim giving you the shape you want while still being about to change along with your body. The panel is made to be worn up over your belly or folded down, whatever feels more comfortable to you. They come in a couple of different cute washes and styles, and it this price we say go ahead and invest in a couple pairs! Check Prices Here!

ASOS Design Maternity Ridley High Waist Skinny Jeans

Best Jeans for Pregnancy Asos

Obsessed! These jeans come in a couple different washes, but you have got to check out the clean black with ripped knees. How cute are they! We love that there are so many maternity jean options these days in all different styles and colors. These ASOS jeans have a full belly panel but still button like regular jeans AND have functioning pockets, which so many other maternity jeans lack. Plus, they are comfortable and will give you great shape throughout your whole pregnancy. Check them out here!

Good American Honeymoon Mid Rise Maternity Skinny Jeans

Pregnancy Jeans

Kardashian fan or not, Khloe knew what was up when crafting these maternity jeans. While she has the Homestretch jeans with a full belly panel, these Honeymoon Mid Rise Jeans with stretchy side panels will give you the look and feel of your regular jeans while still stretching to fit probably throughout your whole pregnancy. These jeans are very flattering and so cute you might even find yourself missing them after you give birth! Check out the olive colored pair that we linked, we are in love! Check em out Here!

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