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Racket Sports: Keeping You Exercising ”

As each day goes by, the need to stay fit and healthy continues to grow. Science has proven that staying fit and healthy requires continuous exercise and a healthy diet, but how  much exercise we need is still quite unclear.

However, traditional exercises can be stressful and challenging to keep up with. Involving in fun and engaging sporting activities on the other hand, keeps individuals entertained while ensuring that their bodies are well exercised.

Racket sports can serve this function for individuals across all age ranges. Racket sports refer to all games which require players to hit a ball or other objects with a racket or a handheld frame known as a paddle.

They offer the best of both worlds. You get to engage in physical exercise without having to expend so much energy and you also get entertained in the process. 

Common Racket Sports To Engage In

Any sport that involves hitting a ball or another object with a racket or a paddle can be regarded as a Racket sport. 

Each game’s rules and play pattern may differ slightly; however, they involve a general pattern of playing an object back and forth till the opponent is unable to play a valid return. To know more about some racket sports, platforms like https://pongplace.com provide all the guidance you might need.

The following are typical examples of Racket sports.

  • Tennis.
  • Table tennis.
  • Squash.
  • Badminton.


Tennis is a racket sport that requires only rackets and balls. It is played on a court between two individuals (singles) or two teams of two individuals each (doubles).  

The game requires opponents to continue striking the ball at each other’s court till the opponent cannot play a valid return. Each player tries to play the ball to inconvenience the opponent. 

In the process, there’s enough physical activity resulting from multiple maneuvers.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is simply tennis being played on a table. However, table tennis requires a table instead of a playing court, a different kind of ball, and paddles instead of rackets.

The game goes on in similar fashion on the table ensuring physical exercise at the same time.


According to Forbes, squash is one of the healthiest sports

Two players in a four-walled court play the game. Like the other racket sports, players take turns playing the ball onto the playing surface so that the opponent cannot play a valid return.


Badminton is played by using rackets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Just like other racket sports, it can be played as “singles” or “doubles”.

Playing badminton has you running, lunging, and jumping throughout the game. It helps burn up to 450 calories an hour.

Benefits of Racket Sports on Your Physical Fitness 

So you might wonder, “what’s the fuss about when talking about Racket sports?”. After all, they are not the only category of sports that there are. 

The truth is that Racket sports are miles ahead of a lot of other sports because they help to impact the body positively from various angles. They help to exercise the brain and the Cardiovascular system, respectively. Let’s take a look at the more specific benefits of these sports below.

They Strengthen the Muscles

The sport requires complex and continuous side-to-side and front-to-back movements at all times. These constant movements help to strengthen the muscles. 

As icing on the cake, since individuals of all ages can play the sport, we can say that muscle build-up is guaranteed throughout life.

Enhances Coordination.

The continuous complex movements in all directions that occur while playing racket sports is in response to signals from the brain regarding the direction of the ball.

This is the highest level of coordination; the brain signals and the body follows within microseconds. It helps to keep you sharp.

Increases Balance and General Mobility

Playing racket sports requires every player to be ready to go after the ball in the next unpredictable direction. 

When this is practiced continuously, there is a general increase in body balance and mobility. You are always on the go.

Strengthens The Body And The Mind

Being healthy involves the body and the mind. Actively exercising the brain and the body has numerous positive impacts than focusing on just the body. 

Seeing that racket sports focus on both areas, it inadvertently strengthens the body and the mind.

Final Words

Racket sports might seem very simple. After all, you only need a racket or a paddle and ball or shuttlecock to play it. However, it requires continuous complex movements triggered by brain signals in all directions within a short period. 

These requirements make them the ideal sport for perfect body and mind development and coordination. 

Boasting numerous benefits ranging from coordination and muscle strengthening to general Mobility and balance, racket sports keep all individuals across all age ranges in exercising.

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Racket Sports: Keeping You Exercising

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