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Rain boots: a cautionary tale New 2020

kamik rain boots on amazon

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After a few seasons of rain boots that fell apart within two weeks (I am not exaggerating, this happened to two pairs!), I decided to splurge on high quality rain boots for my son, Holden.

bogs on amazonThese look very cool — black with spiders! — and they are warm and high-quality. In fact, they can handle temperatures down to thirty degrees below zero. Ummm, that’s where I went a little above and beyond. It doesn’t even snow where we live; it only rains. Cold weather here is about forty degrees. What the heck was I thinking? I dropped about $60 on these boots.

I sent him to school in these butt-kicking boots and his feet were super sweaty all day. Sorry kid. On the plus side, we’ll be all set when we go visit friends and family in the Real Winter. I can’t wait to drag these kids Out East for the holidays. Maybe we’ll finally make it to Tahoe for sledding. Gosh, do we have to go back to Copenhagen to make this investment worthwhile?

If you live where it’s actually cold, I highly recommend. They come in many cool patterns. Buy sweet Bogs spider boots on Amazon >>

For Milo, I couldn’t stomach another $60 on rain boots so I was very happy to find these Kamik rain boots for about $20. They look super hearty (not build an igloo hearty but splash through the puddles hearty like we need).

kamik rain boots on amazonWe plan to try to give them a little more personality with Sharpie drawings and maybe a paint-job. They come in navy blue and pink. Find these practical Kamik boots on Amazon >>

If you’re still wondering about those terrible fall-apart boots, I haven’t decided whether or not to tell you which brand. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Do you want to guess?

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