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Rainbow birthday party ideas New 2020

Rainbow birthday party ideas

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Rainbow birthday party, Gay PRIDE, or pot of gold at the end of your St. Pats rainbow are great excuses for a colorful party and decor.

A few times per year, Heather and I have a table at a preschool fair or some other community event. We are not tradeshow experts, and these colorful balls of tissue paper made our {510} Families booth look eight zillion times better. When I discovered these technicolor poofs, I became an instant fan. (No pun intended.)

They are flat before you puff them out, and they brighten any space instantly. A three-pack is $9.99.


We decided they would be perfect for a rainbow-themed birthday party.

Rainbow-themed birthday party


Rainbow-themed first birthday party

If you want to throw an incredibly simple birthday party, we suggest scheduling it between meals and serving a few snacks and then a treat. Since Heather and I are both sugar nazis, we offer up pumpkin muffins (with or without chocolate chips) for a first birthday baby. I know, total party poopers.

But did you see my daughter’s rainbow cupcake (disaster)? Seven-year olds should totally have frosting.

Rainbow Party Table

Amazon sells paper goods (plates, cups, decor) in every theme you can imagine, from Frozen to sock monkeys, or just a color or shape theme like polka dots or animal print or comic books (BAM!).

Party In A Box kit

Rainbow Birthday Party

I mean, I must have this piñata, although my child does not like the whole piñata interaction, people watching you attempt to smash a swinging decoration. She’d probably prefer these rainbow wall decals.

What are your must-haves?

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