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Education is a privilege, a dream for many, while others take it for granted because it is easily accessible.  The utopia related to the education field has taken over the minds of people for ages. Since the day we start understanding things, we begin to acknowledge the importance of education and how our future is dependant.

Technology and the internet are gradually taking over the world and the minds likewise.  In the older generation, people struggled and put in much hard work to gain education and accomplish their goals. Therefore, they valued it and cherished studying. At that time, the only way to become successful, rich, and famous was to build a career. It is only possible by attaining the highest level of education possible. 

Nowadays, the new generation is busy making themselves famous on social media platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook; because all they need is a camera and internet connection, instead of focusing on their studies.  The youth today believes that money and fame are more important than being an educated professional. People support them by following and promoting their work. It has been one of the most significant setbacks in losing the worth of education and hard work.

In the glamorous, shiny world of fame and social media, we have lost the value of books and knowledge.  People have failed to understand that fame is temporary, yet success is permanent.

Youth is so confused about choosing for basic graduation, let alone knowing what is a doctorate of education—making it necessary to spread awareness about the educational fields and bring people on the right track.

The importance of education is widespread since humankind evolved on the face of this earth. People know that to change the standard of living and to make life easier, the world needs one thing that is education. Education affects every aspect of a person’s life. Even the success of a country depends on its literacy rate. Hence, it is saddening to see people taking education for granted.

Education has a plethora of different fields, allowing every person to enroll in the area of their interest. So, they can enjoy their lives alongside building a promising professional career. Educational fields like Medicine, Technology, Engineering, Freelancing, Architecture, and many more have given the world countless gifts. These include the necessary amenities, without which it is impossible to survive in today’s world. 

Imagine not having a good doctor in your area or city, what will happen? Who will fathom and treat the diseases? Or think about being unable to have someone construct your house according to your taste? Just because people took their education fields for granted, and now they have no idea how to apply their degrees practically!

Without education, people are no better than those who lived in caves and traveled on foot towards their destinations. And we do not want that. Even the thought gave me goosebumps.

Education is not limited to studying in high-profile schools and graduating from universities. Although the corresponding is a considerable achievement, however education is not only about degrees and diplomas. Knowledge is learning any skill from anywhere, which will benefit you and the world in the long run. 

There are countless people out there who do not even have access to primary education. Paying the necessary school fees is out of their league, while some areas are even devoid of having schools. Especially in under-developed countries, the literacy rate is meager, which hinders their progress and success.

As the world progresses, awareness about education increases with mundane focus on its availability and affordability as a fundamental right to everyone.  Hence, it is essential to divert people’s attention back to the right path and commemorate educational fields’ importance. 


Certain things in life, if taken lightly, can cost you your future, your peace of mind, and one of them is education.

This world has seen great conquerors, scholars, physicians, philosophers, doctors. It is because they were the ones who never looked down upon people with other educational fields and respected their careers. As they say, great minds think alike!

If you are among the ones who take their education for granted. Then you must go through all the reasons to stop your carefree attitude and invest your energy rightly;

  1. Education is a long-term investment with a guaranteed return of success and a secure future. But only if you take your education field seriously. Degrees are not the sign of being educated; the knowledge and experience you gain through your academic life are.
  2. Imagine staying behind your friends, envying their success when it could have been you if you did not take your education seriously.
  3. Even if you get your degree and manage to graduate, the question of applying your skills in the practical world is still a daunting task. Just think of not being able to treat a patient or construct your dream building. Imagine the guilt because you were too busy enjoying the life taking your education field lightly.
  4. Being educated without the knowledge and practical skills is way worse than being uneducated. As it shows that you had the privilege and the luxury of getting educated, yet it was wasteful due to your negligence. It will result in you being worthless amongst family and friends.
  5. People were suspended and even terminated from their institutions due to their lack of seriousness towards their studies. It might even cause them a life-long of shame and disgrace. Once you take your education for granted, you let people make a joke of your life. You put your career at stake because your attitude towards education dictates your approach towards professional life.
  6. Just think for once, ask yourself that will you hire a person who lacks basic knowledge and education? I would not!

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” – B. B. King

It is high time to realize the importance of every education field. Once you settle in your career and life, you will get all the time to enjoy it. You will be able to embrace all the luxuries because you will be able to afford them.

If you keep taking educational fields for granted, be ready to face the challenges that life will throw at you!

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