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Reishi Tea Can Help You Weather the Stress of New Parenthood

Reishi Tea Can Help You Weather the Stress of New Parenthood

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Reishi Tea Can Help You Weather the Stress of New Parenthood ”

At two years old, they are drawing on the walls and throwing their clothes out of the car window. At five, they are throwing their first “don’t want to go to school” tantrums. At ten, they are trying every trick in the book to get more video game time (including pitting parents against one another). And let’s not even get started on the teenage years. 

Although richly rewarding, parenthood is stressful pretty much the entire way through. But you have to reserve special sympathy for new parents. That first year is challenging, as you adapt to less sleep, less free time and lots more crying. 

Enter reishi mushrooms. This godsend, revered for centuries in Eastern herbal medicine, can be the perfect soothing balm for the new parent. If you’re expecting a new addition to the family (or could simply use a calming beverage to get through the day), reishi can’t be recommended enough. 

So, what exactly is it? Let’s take a look. 

What Is Reishi?

Ganoderma lingzhi – commonly known as reishi mushrooms – have a deep red, liver-like appearance. They have been used in Eastern cultures for centuries, revered for their calming abilities. Today, it is well recognized for its potential to support healthy stress responses and engender feelings of centredness. 

What Are Some Other Beneficial Mushrooms?  

Once you’ve kicked open the doors of functional mushrooms with a mug of reishi tea, you’ll find a vast world of other beneficial fungi. 

There is also lion’s mane mushroom tea – esteemed in Eastern herbalism for its ability to support brain health and concentration. As a new parent, you may experience “mommy brain” (or daddy brain!), that foggy feeling brought on by sleep deprivation. Lion’s mane mushroom tea may help you focus after a rough night of soothing your newborn. 

Then there is Chaga mushroom tea, a popular choice among parents looking to bolster their immune systems. Kids come with a whole host of new germs. Supporting one’s immune response is vital; you want to remain healthy so you can provide the care your kids need. 

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How Do You Enjoy These Functional Mushrooms

A couple of decades ago, the only way to find these functional mushrooms was with a round-trip ticket to Asia (or a particularly well-stocked Asian herbalist in your area). Now, finding them is as simple as logging on to the internet. You can buy reishi mushrooms online that are pre-packaged in the exact dose you need, ready to be stirred into hot water. The same goes for Chaga mushrooms and lion’s mane. 

Follow the package instructions, then add whatever supplements you like. A popular way to enjoy reishi mushroom tea is with some maple syrup, oat milk and a pinch of salt. Some people even pop a stick of reishi mushroom powder into their morning smoothie for a stress-free start to the day. In other words, enjoying functional mushrooms is easy and accessible. 

It may not solve all your parental problems, but a relaxing mug of reishi tea can prove a soothing balm in that first, wild year of parenthood. Then tell other parents about it to spread the word!

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Reishi Tea Can Help You Weather the Stress of New Parenthood

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