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Revealed! The most common reasons holidays get cancelled

Revealed! The most common reasons holidays get cancelled

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Revealed! The most common reasons holidays get cancelled ”

We all deserve a break from the humdrum of everyday life. A period of time where we can turn off those emails, leave our work responsibilities behind and enjoy some much needed time away with our loved ones. 

However, despite planning our holidays down to the very last detail, rigorously organizing every aspect and looking forward to our breaks for months (or even years), sometimes they fail to go ahead. This is incredibly frustrating and disappointing, especially if you’re unable to rebook the same deal or you have to break the news to your children that their holiday fun is cancelled. But why are holidays so frequently cancelled? Here we’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons.

Covid-19 travel restrictions

Of course, we’re all aware of the devastating impact that covid-19 has had on the world. And that disruption has also extended to the travel industry. Travel and flight restrictions, along with ever-changing rules, mean that you could find your holiday cancelled the morning you’re due to fly. It’s heartbreaking and difficult to comprehend, but cancelled holidays are a sacrifice that many of us have had to make. As the situation is unprecedented and constantly evolving, consumers are finding it difficult to know what to do next, what their rights are and how they can get their money back. Thankfully, Creditfix has created a helpful infographic for holidaymakers to help them understand the situation and their consumer rights after their flight/holiday cancellation. You can check it out by clicking the link. 

Illness or injury

Falling ill before your holiday isn’t something many of us consider, however, if you’re too ill to fly or a family member in your party falls unwell then you may find you have to cancel your trip yourself. However, if you’re ill or injured during your holiday, your holiday insurance should cover all your medical expenses. It’s a nightmare scenario, but careful planning and a good holiday and medical insurance policy should give you peace of mind.

Natural disaster

Sometimes, circumstances are beyond our control and you might have grand ideas about how you’re going to spend the next few weeks, but Mother Nature may have other ideas. When a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood or a tsunami hits, all flights to and from your destination will likely be put on hold as a safety precaution. 

Issues with your travel company

These days it’s not uncommon for travel companies to go bust and declare themselves bankrupt. It’s a worrying time, especially if you’ve paid a fortune for your holiday. If their financial spiral has occurred due to coronavirus, then the infographic provided by Creditfix will be able to provide further advice about your rights. 

And finally, political unrest

Again, this scenario is becoming more and more common across the globe. If there is sudden political unrest at your destination, a terrorist attack or other security threats have been made, then travelers will be forced to evacuate the country, cutting their breaks short. And any holidaymakers hoping to visit the area will have their flights and trips cancelled. 

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Revealed! The most common reasons holidays get cancelled

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