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Ride On Toys For 1 Year Olds [8 SUPER Fun Options!] New 2020

ride on toys for 1 year olds

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Babies start to become more mobile right around their first birthday. And, man, it is exciting and terrifying all at once! By 12 months they’re well on their way to mastering crawling and pulling themselves up. Your baby may be taking a few steps unassisted or fully walking. Whatever stage they are at, a ride on toy is a great way to help your 1 year old meet their next milestones. Riding toys help children develop into their second-year milestones and are a great way for young children to learn independence. 

Lucky for us parents, there are tons of great options on the market! You can get something that perfectly fits what your baby is ready for. There is everything from trikes to bikes to rocking horses. Below we will go over why ride on toys for 1 year olds are so beneficial and then let you know about a few of our favorites!

How Ride On Toys Help A 1 Year Old’s Development

ride on toys for 1 year olds

By year 1, babies are typically developing into toddlers. They are learning independence, muscle development, and increasing their mobility. Because they are hitting so many developmental milestones, it’s important to have plenty of different toys around that encourage them. Ride on toys are a great option for helping 1 year olds develop and move on to reach their 2 year old milestones within 12 months. The majority of children’s toys have a suggested age for use, due to the parts involved and the level of skill required to play with the toy. Always be sure to listen to these suggestions!

Ride on toys can help a 1 year old develop balance and grow muscles, as sitting on a moving toy helps increase muscle memory and strength. As the child uses a ride on toy, they will learn how to move themselves and the toy around their play space. In turn, this teaches spatial awareness and independence, in addition to teamwork, logic, and reason.

The best ride on toys for 1 year olds are those that have a grow with me feature, as new 1 year olds may still need to walk with assistance and can struggle with pulling themselves up. A grow with me toy typically has a handle or can be configured in several ways to allow the toy to adjust as the child gets older and becomes more independent. Some other ride on toy options may be more stationary. These will be the better option for 1 year olds who are still working on their basic motor skills.


Top 6 Best Ride On Toys for 1 Year Olds 


1: Little Tykes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe

The Little Tykes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe is a great ride on toy for 1 year olds. This toy has a foot to floor design with an adjustable seat. This makes it easier for younger children to sit and play safely. As they grow taller, they can continue to enjoy riding. The toy has a design that provides stability and safety for use inside and out. The age range is 12 months to 3 years. This toy will teach them to propel themselves, get on and ride independently, and steer. Plus, it’s all on a fun giraffe! Check this toy out here.

ride on toys for 1 year olds

2: Baby Balance Bike (Best Bike Ride on Toy for 1 Year Olds!)

Traditionally, you give your child their first bike around age 4. It’s about this age they have developed the skills required to balance and pedal. Who needs traditional, though! With this balance bike, your baby can start riding right around their first birthday. The Baby Balance Bike by Ancaixin focuses on helping your baby begin to learn the balance that’s required to pedal a bike later. Babies can start to build the necessary muscles and learn the mechanics of a bike without having to work pedals. This foot-powered bike is low to the ground and teaches the basics, like balance and movement. It’s the cutest & safest little 1 year old friendly bicycle. Here is current pricing!

3: Little Tykes Push and Ride Racer

For a classic car toy that doubles as a walker, check out the Little Tykes Push and Ride Racer. This ride on toy has a simple design in primary colors. The car is for children as young as 9 months. It has a foot to floor design so riders push off and power their own car. The rear spoiler has two grab bars, turning this riding car into a walker as well. Children can use any side of the car to push up to a standing position and can climb all the way to sitting and riding the car. Check it out here!

ride on toys for 1 year olds

4: Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Train

Another popular category is toys that are battery powered. The Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Train with Track is one of the most popular of these! This riding toy is a great way for 1 year olds to experience independent play, while still having the safety and boundary of the train track. Children get to ride their favorite train, Thomas, along his circular track. This toy can also be taken off track for enjoying in any space as the child grows and gains more independence. Check out pricing here. 

5: Little Tykes Rocking Horse

Many riding toys operate like cars, rolling and being steered through a play space, but the Little Tykes Rocking Horse is a great option for a stationary riding toy. This classic blue rocking horse has a wide base and high seat back, making it a great riding toy for 1 year olds. The handles are easy for little hands to grip. Also, the extended base lets children rock and ride without parental fear of them tipping over. This is a playspace staple, great for children 12 months to 3 years. Get your rocking horse here!

ride on toys for 1 year olds

6: Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ”˜n Trike

A great grow with me toy is the Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ”˜n Trike. This toy starts as a fun riding stroller with a canopy and adult pushing handle. Then it converts into a steering trike, learn-to-ride trike, and full tricycle. There are pieces that are adjustable and removable so a young child can branch out for the traditional stroller for a fun ride, and enjoy their tricycle all the way until they’re independent enough to ride on their own. Here is current pricing!

7: Farmer’s Market Delivery Bike Ride-on

Okay, how cute is this ride on toy? I am obsessed! It’s is a Farmer’s Market delivery bike and comes with fruits, veggies, and baked goods for your little one to sell. The little crate in front is perfect for holding whatever they would like to bring along with them as they learn to push and scoot. It even has a horn so they can beep at you to move out of the way, which your independent toddler will probably love to do. It is recommended for ages 18 months and up, so if you are getting this for your new 1 year old keep a very close eye on them. Get yours here!
ride on toys for 1 year old

8: Step 2 Push Around Buggy 

This is the classic ride on toy that most of us imagine. It’s a great option because it can be pushed around until your little one learns to scoot themselves around. One feature I love is the seatbelt, allowing you to use this as a stroller for fun, short walks. It also has room under the hood for storage. You will probably be shocked to find what your toddler put under the hood when you weren’t looking! Here is pricing information!

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