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Robot kid’s room recommendations New 2020

Robot kid’s room recommendations

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Heather told me that she wanted to turn it up to eleven with the robot decor in her sons’ room in their new house. I was at a conference where someone showed me how easy it is to curate a list of products into a post like this (using their special duper technology) so I had to try it out by making my own robot bedroom list of favorites, all from Land of Nod.*

The pink stuff is included because Heather’s middle son Milo has a strong affinity for pink and red, and you never know when he’s going to prefer that color scheme over traditional boy stuff. Also, Scarlett recently told me that she just realized robots were ALSO FOR GIRLS. And I was like, “Who told you robots were for boys?!” all ready to punch that person in the face. I might have to buy her that forty-two-dollar backpack just to prove a point.

** We are affiliates of Land of Nod, hence my use of their online product catalog for this robot-themed blog post experiment.

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