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Run Mommy run New 2020

Run Mommy run

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Before my first pregnancy, I trained for triathlons with The Half-Asses, a subset of my now-husband’s club, Team Bad Ass. Right now, I have a loose routine to run with a preschool parent-friend after drop-off twice per week and it works pretty well with neither of us wanting to let the other one down. She is in India for a month so we’ll see how I fare.

I find that whenever I don’t have a training buddy, I use that as my main excuse to not exercise.

If you like to run or walk with a partner (and actually want to get back out there), See Mommy Run can help. It is a nationwide group dedicated to helping moms find like-minded and similar-paced running buddies (or in their own words a free Internet service to help busy women find or start child-friendly running or walking groups convenient to their personal geographic needs, time constraints, and fitness abilities.)

These days, I need to get some action between 6am and 7am before the day unravels begins or right after drop-off at 8am! 11-minute-miler Berkeley chicks, can you hear me?!

How to find a running buddy

This site concept sounds fabulous to me, but I’m curious if it appeals to you. Let me know if you would or could do this!

Not sponsored. I can’t promise you that this website will work any better than your own email networks and facebook pals but it’s worth a shot.

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