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Sensory-friendly movie theater showings for little kids New 2020

Sensory-friendly movie showing

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Movies today are louder, faster-paced, and more startling than they were when we were kids. I have only noticed that because when I’m at the movies (without kids) I am aware of what sensory overload it would be for little ones.

Sensory-friendly movie showing

Add that to any sensitivities with which a child may be hardwired, and movies just might be a terrible experience.

Unless… they can keep the sound a little lower and the lights a little brighter.

That’s what’s promised at Sensory-friendly movie showings hosted by two national chains, both of whom are showing Moana this weekend.

For rookie parents who are desperate to go to the movies, rest assured small babies will be no problem at these showings as any of their complaining will not be heard over the exclamations of three-year olds in the audience who have no problem talking back to the screen (and their parents).

Regal Cinemas calls it “My Way Matinee” and showings are at 10:30 am one Saturday per month. Click here for a list of locations and details. Bonus: Tickets are $6.50!

AMC Theaters offers two showings per month in partnership with the Autism Society. Scroll halfway down this page for a list of participating theaters.

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