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Seven tips for writing informal essays

Seven tips for writing informal essays

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Seven tips for writing informal essays ”

Informal essays are essays often written for entertainment and personal pleasure. Of course it can still be informative and creative but the atmosphere of writing is more relaxed. Writing in the first person is allowed and even encouraged. Using ‘I’ and ‘you’ when making references creates a deeper connection between the reader and the writer. 

Slangs and informal terms are allowed in this type of essay, humor and sarcasm are also allowed as they create a more personal bond between the writer and the audience, although use of explicit or offensive language should be avoided.

Apart from its nature, writing an informal essay is quite similar to any other type of essay, we are going to be looking at a few tips on how to write a good informal essay.

During the process of creative writing it is known that the best work comes from people who care about or are  passionate about what they are writing. It would be advisable to take some time in thinking about a good topic, something that genuinely interests you.

 Avoid topics with narrow scopes as they will greatly limit your ability to come up with something tangible. If you are finding it difficult coming up with a topic you can visit  to find topic ideas Furthermore, be aware of your audience, know who you are writing for and adjust your writing to suit them.

Now that we have decided upon a topic, it is now time to generate ideas and concepts that the essay will be based on. There are various techniques of going about this but the goal is to choose what works for you and create those ideas.

People often jump in to writing essays right after choosing a topic without any sort of planning whatsoever. This often ends in uninteresting essays cluttered with poorly written paragraphs with bad structure.

An outline is crucial because it contains the means for proper planning. Formulate an idea, structure your essay and make a plan of how to go about your essay.

The introduction of an informal essay should not give you a hard time. Your goal is to make it quite captivating. This is a good place to include some humor and a dose of personality. Although it is an informal essay a thesis is still necessary at the end of the introduction.

The body of an informal essay is the section where you get to express your point of view. Remember to use informal language, colloquialisms, sarcasm and clichés are recommended for use but be careful not to overdo it and use slang that the reader might not understand or explicit language that may be thought to be offensive.

Let the body of your essay support a narrative, the use of first person is often recommended to help the audience understand specific concepts.

Also  remember to break up the body into shorter paragraphs with short clear sentences. This makes for an easily readable work.

  • Express personal opinions

During the course of writing your essay you will provide personal views on a subject matter. Do so while trying to maintain a personal connection with the reader. Let your essay have an emotional vibe, showing your personality as if you were in a proper conversation with the reader. Also showcase creativity by expressing attention-grabbing ideas, the more compelling your essay is, the better. 

The conclusion of an informal essay is like that of any other essay. A summary of already stated points along with something for the reader to think about. You want to leave the reader with a good impression of your paper, however, in conclusion, no new information should be given.

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Seven tips for writing informal essays

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