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Small Packages Baby Shower New 2020

Small Packages Baby Shower

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Small Packages Baby Shower

Word Scramble Package Guessing Game

This game works best for parties of 20 or fewer. You’ll need the same number of small gift boxes as your total number of guests.

Think of several baby-related products such as “Diaper Genie” or “Baby Bjorn.” Scramble up the letters in the name of each item to create a word jumble for guests to solve. (For example, “teething ring” could be “engithet grin”) Write each scrambled word on a small piece of paper and pop it into a small gift box (we wrapped ours to make it extra-pretty). Number each of the packages on the bottom, making sure to keep a key of the correct answers as you put the packages together.

To play the game, give each guest a piece of paper with numbers 1 to however many boxes you have in all. Pass all of the boxes out — one to each person — but instruct guests to keep them closed until the game begins. Using a timer, give guests 30 seconds to solve each jumble before they have to close the package and pass on to the next person. When the game is over, give prizes to the guest with the most correct answers.

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Small Packages Baby Shower

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