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Smooth out with Yummie Tummie (and win!) New 2020

Smooth out with Yummie Tummie (and win!)

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This sweepstakes is now closed. Random winner is”¦ 65, Sarah H.

Ever since being lucky enough to become a brand ambassador for Yummie Tummie, I’ve been hooked. I wear the tanks almost everywhere I go. But not with dresses. Once the leggings came out, my casual dress problem was licked too. Quite simply, these little numbers are the best around for smoothing out the lumps and bumps that baby-birthing or aging has given you. And yes, you will want to make out with these leggings.

We’re excited to offer a lucky reader a holiday present of a Yummie Tummie invisible slimming tank AND a set of the shaping leggings. (Approximate value $144!)

Enter to win! In the spirit of sharing, we want you to comment with a story about a time you really wish you were wearing shapewear (like that holiday party when everyone asked when I was due and I wasn’t pregnant!) -OR- a time you really wish you weren’t (like when I ripped my uncomfortable non-YT girdle-device off in the middle of my brother’s wedding reception). Comments close Dec. 15 and we’ll choose a winner. U.S. residents only.
Disclosure: We are casual brand ambassadors for Yummie Tummie. One of Oprah’s favorite things is one of our favorite things too. We asked the super smooth women at YT for this great prize for our readers and they said Yes. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough for everyone in the studio audience. Wait. What?

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