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Space-Saver Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Space-Saver Furniture Ideas for Your Home

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Space-Saver Furniture Ideas for Your Home ”

There are many reasons why you may want to save space in your home. Your house may be a small one and you want to make sure you utilize the space you have. Perhaps you have two kids who have to share a bedroom. Maybe you simply want as much extra space as you can get. Whatever the reason, there are many space-saving furniture ideas that can help you take advantage of the extra space in your home. Read on for a few good ideas!

Storage Beds

If your bed is high enough off of the ground that you are able to store different items underneath, great! However, there are other ways to make sure you get to use the maximum amount of space in your bedroom. A storage bed is one of them. This type of bed allows you to easily lift up the mattress to provide you with an ample amount of storage space. It’s an easy way to store clothes, books, shoes, and other items you have in your bedroom.

Electric Fireplace TV Stand Heaters

Looking for a way to heat your home without taking up a great deal of space? Consider Tim Arnold’s home solution, get an electric fireplace TV stand. This type of heater works off of electricity and can easily heat a large room without taking up excess space. That’s because your television set fits on top of the heater itself. This saves you room in your living area while providing the heat you need as well as an attractive piece of furniture that will surely become a topic of conversation among guests!

Futons or Sofa Beds

Futons are a great idea for smaller homes. They double as a couch and a bed in the living room, which is a great idea when you need a place for your guests to crash. You can also use them in your bedroom at night to sleep on. When you need extra space to move around during the day, simply fold it up back into a couch. A sofa bed will also give you a lot more room in your home if you need an extra bed but don’t have the bedroom to put it in.

Bunk or Twin Loft Beds

Bunk beds are an easy way to save space when your kids must share a room in a smaller home. By going vertical, you’ll give your little ones more space to play in when they are in their room. Many bunk beds now come with additional storage space underneath to give you even more room for toys, books, and clothes.

Twin loft beds are another way to save space in a smaller room or for bedrooms with multiple kids. Many of these loft beds not only come with drawers built-in, but they also have small closets built directly into the frame of the bed. Some even have a small desk built into the side of the bed, giving kids a place to do homework, color, and play.

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans are a great way to brighten up a room. They’re perfect for resting your feet on after a hard day or as a place for a guest to sit on when they visit. However, choosing an ottoman that has a hidden storage compartment is a wonderful way you can incorporate organization into your home and free up your living space. Use a storage ottoman to store books, blankets, snacks, blankets, pillows, and anything else you want to keep out of the way.

Wall Desks

Remember when desks used to be huge pieces of furniture that took up an entire wall? Not anymore! Save space by purchasing an open-ended wall desk that can attach directly to your wall. Many models offer minimal shelves and only take up a small amount of space. You won’t get the massive drawers to put away paperwork, but they save space and are great for smaller rooms.

Multi-Purpose Cribs

When you are living in a small space or have a lot of people in one place, a baby can make things a lot more difficult! Luckily, one way you can utilize your space is to choose a multi-purpose crib for the nursery. These cribs aren’t just a place for the baby to sleep in. They also include a changing table and dresser and drawers to keep baby-changing supplies in. You may also consider a multi-purpose crib that turns into a toddler bed when the child is old enough to use one.

Corner Shelves

We all want shelves to display pictures, knick-knacks, and other decorative items. Why not utilize the corners of your home with pretty corner shelves? Attach these shelves directly to the corners of the room for a unique, space-saving look. The reverse geometrical design will mount easily into any corner space, no wall needed!

Drop-Leaf Tables

We all need a place to sit and eat meals, but dining tables can take up a lot of space. Instead of a traditional design, look for a drop-leaf table that can collapse on the sides when you are done using it. Since the side of the table becomes flat when you drop the leaf down, you can push it up against the wall to save more space in your home.

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Space-Saver Furniture Ideas for Your Home

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