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Star Wars costumes: Princess Leia & Yoda New 2020

Princess Leia and Yoda are a fun Mom and Baby Halloween costume

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I always wanted to become Princess Leia! I figured that as the mom of three young boys I could justify keeping rather than renting this costume as it would come in handy over and over again for YEARS. I can be my own birthday party entertainment, a hit at the annual preschool party, and the princess of my minivan. Options included Sexy Leia and Slave Leia but Whitney helped me decide that Standard Princess Leia was the most appropriate for my life.

As soon as my Princess Leia costume arrived, I ripped it open and started playing with it. Once the cinnamon-bun wig was in place I set up my phone for R2D2-style selfies, “Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!” Whitney offered to take a few of me and my sidekick the next morning, which was almost soon enough.

Playing around with my Princess Leia costume - big thumbs up

I picked Sawyer up from preschool and told him about the big surprise waiting at home. Since he’s never seen any of the Star Wars movies, his cultural touchstone is the Weird Al song, Yoda (thanks big brothers!). He sings it here for your reference.

Do these characters even know each other?
The very next thing on my three-year old’s mind was the relationship between our characters. When I admitted that they’d never met in any of the movies, he was not pleased. Hopefully, there’s an as-yet-to-be-released part of the canon in which Yoda oversees young Leia’s safe upbringing. Since I don’t write or read fan-fiction, I agreed that our characters could be the best of friends.

The photo shoot
Star Wars costumes for mom and baby

Princess Leia and Yoda are a fun Mom and Baby Halloween costume

But what about the costumes?
The Yoda is an off-white felt-like material that’s a bit see-through. It works for a toddler but can also be squeezed onto a much older and taller brother. I suggest wearing it over pajamas. The ears are floppy pale green felt. We’re all thrilled to have this addition to our costume box. (Find Toddler Yoda on Amazon)

Leia’s outfit is a one-size-fits-most baggy polyester cloak that is hiding a dark olive dress with no trouble; there is plenty of room for a post-partum pooch, a full outfit in colder climates, or spare bag of candy. The costume also includes a belt, wig, and white boot-toppers. The belt is a fully-adjustable rubbery material held on by velcro. Truth be told, the wig would probably work better on a smaller head than mine so down the road, I may upgrade to something else. For Halloween, parties, and getting extra attention on the streets, I LOVE IT. (See the full array of Princess Leia costumes on Amazon)

We also picked up a Han Solo costume for Daddy to wear at this weekend’s Disneyland Halloween party.

Princess Leia and Yoda are a fun Mom and Baby Halloween costume

Before seeing his new Yoda costume, Sawyer was dead-set on being Spider-man for Halloween. I think he’s changed his mind!

I hope to use this princess getup at least annually for the next 20 years. Affiliate links included.

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