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Stokke Tripp Trapp, a highchair worth every penny New 2020

Stokke Tripp Trapp, a highchair worth every penny

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My red Tripp Trapp seat by Stokke is still being used by my five-year old on a daily basis. We bought it for her older brother, which means we have used it for every meal at home for at least six years. We love this thing.


Since it’s the dead of summer for most of you, I was thinking about how one might give their young toddler the opportunity to do some water play in a highchair tray.

Now I see amazon sells Stokke trays that can attach to the Tripp Trapp chair.

Very clever, no?

Depending on the set up of your dining room table, or lack thereof, different variations of the highchair may work for you. My house is way too small to have a dedicated high chair;  when my babies were new eaters, we used a feeding chair that strapped into an existing dining room chair. Some use a bouncy seat or a swing at first. You have my permission to try it.

At grandma’s house, we used a portable clip-on chair, also great for folks who want to feed their babies at a breakfast bar. (My friend Steph used the clip-on chair instead of a high chair, period.)


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