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Stop rescheduling R&R: Consider these 7 time-saving tips for burned-out moms

Stop rescheduling R&R: Consider these 7 time-saving tips for burned-out moms

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Stop rescheduling R&R: Consider these 7 time-saving tips for burned-out moms ”

If you’ve been over-scheduling yourself and scrambling to check off your mile-long to-do list, it’s time for some much-deserved rest and relaxation. Does carving out time in your schedule for your self-care rituals feel like an impossible task? If you answered “yes,” these time-saving tips can help you spend less time in the kitchen and find more time for yourself. 

Turn to microwave-friendly recipes

Rather than preheating your oven and spending the next several hours slaving away in the kitchen, you can save time by relying on your trusty household appliance: the microwave. This time-saving method works well in a pinch, whether you’re nuking leftovers or steaming frozen green beans. In addition to shaving precious minutes off your prep time, microwave recipes involve less clean-up time and reduce the risk of kitchen disasters like the occasional burn or even the all-too-terrifying kitchen fire. 

If you notice that your microwave-friendly ingredients aren’t cooking properly or you sniff out the faint scent of smoke wafting from your microwave oven, consider purchasing a brand-new appliance from Goedeker’s. That way, you can perfect your gourmet microwave popcorn recipe or your eight-minute cornbread in no time. 

Eat healthy food

When you dive into freezer cooking, you can improve the quality of the meals you eat. You prepare the ingredients rather than buy them already processed. Often, moms neglect their own nutrition because they are so busy taking care of their families. With freezer cooking, everyone in the house gets to eat delicious, nutritious food – including you!

Share the rides

All too often, moms get burned out with all of the driving they do. Rather than doing all of the driving yourself, enjoy time-saving tips like asking friends to help. If your child goes to basketball practice, find another parent whose child goes at the same time. When you split the rides, you save time and gas. 

Play with arts and crafts

Burnout happens when moms can’t find time to play. Moms usually spend time worrying about how much fun their children have when they should be worrying about finding time to have their own fun. When you plan your children’s arts and crafts time, you can plan your fun with arts and crafts, too. Getting dirty soothes the soul. 

Stop multitasking

Many moms are overwhelmed with multitasking. When they do too many things at once, they can’t do anything well. Rather than trying to be everything at all times, consider doing one thing at a time and doing it to the best of your ability. You’ll find your stress levels decrease when you shift your system from multitasking to focusing. 

Pick your battles

Your family might occasionally test you, which can add to burnout. Rather than engaging with every argument or test, slow down and pick the ones that are worth your time. 

Turn off the tech

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are necessities in today’s world. But, when you spend too much time on them, you can become overwhelmed and stressed. The constant barrage of information takes its toll on moms. To find more time for yourself, turn off the tech and enjoy the reality of life. 

For most moms suffering from burnout, the best way to find more time is to slow down and take time. Many moms feel like they get more done when they try to do less. Slow down, ask for help, and take care of what is in front of you.

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Stop rescheduling R&R: Consider these 7 time-saving tips for burned-out moms

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