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Stuff Rookie Moms Should Know About: March 2016 New 2020

Wonder Crew: New line of dolls for boys

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Four treasures for you today:

  1. These dolls, from Wonder Crew, are designed to inspire children of any gender to have a companion with whom they can be nurturing and playful, and I think they are awesome. Pricey, but if you’ve ever shopped American Girl and wondered WHERE ARE THE MALE DOLLS, we’ve found them.
    Wonder Crew: New line of dolls for boysOnly the superhero version is currently for sale.
    Selection of dolls for boysRelated: Gender-neutral doll strollers > 
  2. This rug — designed for a kid’s room –  is washable, like in the machine. Hooray! From Lorena Canal, a Spanish company.washable-nursery-rug
  3. Pull-Ups has done some research on how personality types effect potty training. They’ve posted a quiz for parents to take about their child that will classify a child of potty training age into a type, “squirrel” for example. Then, you’ll get potty training tips that are specifically useful to the child’s disposition. Try it yourself >
  4. When you’re out and about and your child says something hilarious, launch the app QuoteMeTots to capture the moment. A simple interface allows you to log a photo, a quote, and the date. It generates a clear, shareable image that you can post on social media — or simply scroll through all your quotes as you accumulate them.


One from my personal collection: “Daddy, when I am so so happy, sometimes I cry a little bit. I get tearous.” Scarlett said that when she was four-and-a-half.

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