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Stuffed animal storage solution, Part II New 2020

IKEA bean bag

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When I spotted this beanbag on Amazon, and shared it on our Facebook page, readers really liked it.

Terrific stuffed animal solution: boon bag

Then I found this one.

As I have mentioned before, my kids have a ginormous collection of Webkinz, which are small stuffed animals, plus assorted other plush friends that take up space in our playroom. I purchased a shelving unit specifically for them that I intended to be a sort of apartment house. It works sometimes.

Tossing them all in a beanbag that can be sat upon sounds brilliant to me. This photo is one that a happy customer posted on Amazon.


(Be careful, because I saw it listed on Amazon at $39.99 on most pages, but this link is for $30.27.)

Terrific stuffed animal solution: green boon bag

The user on Amazon said that 44 stuffed animals fit inside. I love it! Also note that they sell double and triple versions of this, but the price starts to exceed $100, so I’m not even going to bother showing you a picture.

The reason I wanted to move this conversation further than Facebook is because there was so much good info being shared, I wanted to make sure you would see it.

Krista posted a link about washing stuffed animals, which is good information. Plus, this picture of her kids’ “friends” in the washing machine is priceless.


Kristal K. said that she bought a regular beanbag cover for this same purpose. Though it doesn’t have a cool mesh window, it still collects the little buggers in one place. Hers is rainbow tie-dye and comes from Wal-Mart, though not for sale online.

She also spotted this huge one at IKEA for $14.99.

IKEA bean bag

Here are a couple of sources for empty beanbag covers. I found others, but some were so outrageously priced, I died.pbteen-beanbag-cover

  • Land of Nod: Find the beanbag you like and then go to the specific product page to see the price for “cover only”. Not cheap, but if you have a picky aesthetic, you may be interested in browsing the selection. Similar to Pottery Barn Kids in style.
  • Pottery Barn Teen: Any of their bean bag slipcovers can be ordered separately. They are the makers of the “Brooke” beanbag above.
  • Grandma: (sorry, no link available) If you have a doting family member with sewing skills, you could describe this project to her. If I get motivated, I might go for it myself.
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Reasonable prices, finally! A few ugly designs and a few acceptable designs. $16.99 for a bean bag cover that looks like a soccer ball.
  • Land’s End: Again with the $79 beanbag cover, but maybe worth browsing for inspiration.

Having checked these sources, I come back to the Boon Animal bag. It’s cuter, comes in gray as well as the bright colors, has a mesh window for seeing the animal’s faces, and seems fairly priced.

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