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Super Easy Preschool Art Project [works great for toddlers & babies too] New 2020

Super Easy Preschool Art Project [works great for toddlers & babies too]

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A special thank you to Crayola for sponsoring this post. I am a member of the  Mom It Forward Influencer Network and appreciate working with brands that we trust and love. All thoughts and opinions expressed, as always, are 100% my own.

All of my kids have loved getting creative with Crayola art supplies. I think it is so important to nourish their creativity and imagination through art and now with the My First Crayola product line, it is even easier to get little ones started.

What is unique about the My First Crayola line is that instead of being broken down by age the My First Crayola line is categorized into stages (1, 2, and 3) by a child’s level of artistic development. This way you can buy the right products for your child based on their own current abilities versus trying to purchase by age because children all develop their art skills at different times throughout their toddler years.

For example, my 13-month-old nephew is perfect for the stage 1 My First Crayola products. Whereas my 4-year-old daughter Olivia is a mix between the stage 2 and stage 3 products. With my daughter, most art supplies would have her using more advanced products. But, after looking at the guides I was able to see that she really wasn’t ready to move forward in some areas.

Let your little Picasso make a masterpiece of their own using the My First Crayola products. Unlike other art products the My First Crayola line is based on stages, not ages so your child can progress with tools that match their readiness. It’s super easy to figure out which stage your child is in too. Simply check the label to see which stage matches your child’s current level of artistic development.

Overall, I was very impressed with the entire line of My First Crayola products. The fact that they are all super washable was very helpful too.

Check out Crayola’s Video featuring the My First Crayola below-


  • My First Crayola Art Smock
  • My First Crayola Washable Finger Paint Kit
  • My First Crayola Jumbo Paint Brushes (set of 3)
  • Tape (washi or blue painters tape both work great)
  • Paper plate to pour the Finger Paint on
  • Optional: My First Crayola Palm Grasp Crayons
  • Optional: My First Crayola Washable Tripod Grip Markers
  • Optional: My First Crayola Washable Tripod Grip Crayons



Step #1- Cover your work surface with craft paper. (a plastic tablecloth or a paper bag also work great!)

Step #2- Create your pattern (or initials etc”¦) using washi tape or blue painters tape.

Step #3- Lay out your My First Crayola art supplies. If you are using finger paint I suggest you pour a little bit of each color onto a paper plate.

Step #4- Don’t forget to put the My First Crayola art smock on your baby/ toddler before you begin!

Step #5- Let your child be creative. They can finger paint, use the super fun jumbo paint brushes, crayons and markers to cover their paper.

Step #6- Don’t worry. They really can’t mess this one up. You want them to cover the entire paper to the point where you really don’t see any white anymore. You will want to use a coated paper like the My First Crayola Finger Painting Kit comes with because otherwise, their paper can tear due to all the paint.

Step #7- Once your child is complete and the paper is completely covered you need to lay it out to dry.

Step #8- While it’s drying, head to the sink where you can easily wash off your little one’s hands thanks to the My First Crayola’s amazing ability to wash right off!

Step #9- Let your child’s art project dry completely (overnight works great) then very gently pull off the tape to reveal your design.

Pretty fun and easy, right?

Try this fun + simple preschool art project with your kids today!


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