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Swap your homemade baby food cubes New 2020

Homemade Frozen pureed baby food cubes

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Homemade Frozen pureed baby food cubes

Frozen baby food cubes | Photo by Wendy

While you’re still making all that good fresh baby food, hold a food swap with some other mom friends to introduce your kid to new flavors and broaden his palate. Here’s how:

  1. Make a huge double batch of sweet potatoes or winter squash (steam, puree, put in a large tupperware in the fridge)
  2. Your pals, Bettina and Henrietta, make a huge batch of lentils or stewed pears following the same process
  3. You give some to Big B and some to Miz H and open your arms to receive from them.
  4. When you get home, put the fresh and tasty mush in ice cube trays, freeze into little food cubes, and store in labeled ziploc freezer bags (after some experimentation, I now realize how impractical it is to keep those suckers safely frozen and swap ’em that way!)

Voila! All three babes have some new foods to learn about.

Our favorite combos were : Squash/Pear, Carrot/Apple, Pear/Mango/Banana, Carrot/Sweet Potato.
Worst experience: Green Beans/Tofu, Carrot/Parsnip

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