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Swim Lessons for Babies – What to expect for each age range. New 2020

Swim Lessons for Babies & Toddlers - What to expect for each age range.

Ahhhh, swim lessons for babies. One of the first things I was so excited to do with my first child was to get him in the water so that we can fun during those warm summer days. Finding the ideal baby swim lessons for your baby depends on your baby (and baby’s!) temperament and schedule more than anything. In addition, it is important to set expectations for what your baby will accomplish in the swim lessons. I was lucky enough to be nieve and any little accomplishment by son did was amazing, but I also saw moms who were frustrated with what their child was learning. So, let’s save you that pain and sum up what to expect at each age range for swim lessons for babies.

swim lessons for babies what to expect

(Ages 6 to 18 months) Swim Lessons for babies

Here is what you can expect you, child, to learn and achieve

  • First, is getting comfortable with the water. Honestly, this is such a big step in learning to swim.
  • They’ll also learn some basic kicking and arm movements.
  • Blowing bubbles will be another step in your baby’s learning curve to get them used to put their face in the water.
  • Lastly, the biggest step is your baby will start to be able to float and glide.

Other things to know:

  • The baby should be in small classes. There is no reason to waste your money sitting in a group of 15-20 parents.
  • Pack swim diapers  or rubber pants (update grab the new washable swim diapers that are so much better than the disposable ones)
  • Expect to get wet! Parent tot water classes mean that you’re gonna need a swim suit and willingness to get wet.
  • Pre-swim classes just might let you watch from poolside.
  • Parent-child swim classes begin for babies as young as 3 or 6 months. I say stick with 6 months, your baby will be more ready for the water.

Finding the right class for both you and your baby:

  • For me, a regular drop-in swim class with perky teenagers leading “Motorboat Motorboat go so fast” was ideal; I could attend or not based on nap schedules and hunger. I frequently ran into moms I knew from work or the playground, so not only did I get the benefit of my child learning swim lessons but it was also a fun social atmosphere.


Baby and Daddy swimming pool challenge


18 months to 3 years Swim Lessons for Babies to Toddlers

Here is what you can expect you, child, to learn and achieve

  • Your child will learn to get in and out of the water on their own.
  • Dunk head under water and hold breath.
  • Jump off the side of the pool to you.
  • Improve on their ability to float and get to the side of the pool

Things to know:

  • Within arms reach – Stay close to your toddler even if they seem to be a strong swimmer. Toddlers get tired fast and you should always be within arms reach
  • You still will get wet. Classes should be parent and me. Individual classes should be taken around 4 years old.
  • Pack swim diapers or rubber pants and goggles if your toddler will wear them for going under water.
  • Puddle Jumpers are a great floatation device to use when you are not practicing swimming. The puddle jumpers allow your child to use natural swim motions but keep your little one safely above water (always still stay within arms reach)

swim lessons for babies

3 & 4 years old Swim Lessons

Ok, I guess they aren’t babies anymore, but they still have those cute chubby faces so I am going to include them in this article. Here is what to expect from your 3-4 year old.

Here is what you can expect you, child, to learn and achieve

  • Your child should be able to start to use their use his or her arms and legs to move forward through the water.
  • Be able to float on their back.
  • Swim towards a wall and pull themselves out of the pool on their own.

Things to Know

  • This is the age where private or more individualized lesson will pay off. Your child is much more ready for the individualized attention.
  • For group lessons, choose a class with no more than 5 students per instructor. 
  • Enjoy some sun: Now, you don’t have to worry about jumping in the water during the lesson but make sure to be close by when your child is not taking a Select a class that has no more than six children per instructor.
  • Be wary of overconfidence – Teach your child not to go near the pool unless an adult is supervising.
  • Also teach your kids about general pool safely, like not running in the pool, making sure to find a safe way to exit the pool, and how to safely move if stuck under something in the pool.
Please Check out Our Pool Safety Tips for Kids & Toddlers, it is so important to be safe around any water.

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