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Take the 52 Date Challenge New 2020


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p52-badgeI love challenges, lists, and being cheap so this post from Simply Modern Mom is right up my alley. Tiffany challenges her readers to take 52 dates — one per week — while keeping the costs low.

Inspired by the challenge, I commit to have 52 date nights this year with my husband. Here are our criteria:

  • Every Friday night from 6 -10 p.m. is our date night. Or Saturday.
  • It will be a mix of babysitter dates and at-home dates.
  • We rotate being in charge of date nights regularly (Alec is panicking at this one).
  • Can’t do the same thing twice in one month.
  • No children allowed.
  • Must create a date-like atmosphere. No frumpy clothes or pajamas. Make it a special event. Mind the details. But most of all, keep it simple.
  • Double-dates and group-dates are okay but no more than one of four nights per month.

So, what have we been up to so far? Glad you asked.

Fri 1/8: Alec’s holiday party and nobody asked if I was pregnant. Yay!
Sat 1/16: double date to Temescal’s Burma Superstar
Sat 1/23: upscale take-out from Gather and watched an Oscar movie.
Fri 1/29: to SF Sketchfest to enjoy a night of comedy.

Based on my criteria, we are one date behind. Gah!

All date night ideas are welcome. Hope you’ll join me in this challenge.

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