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Tech Tuesday: Nod App is a Digital Sleep Baby Coach New 2020

mimo wearable baby monitor

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Lovey with sleeping baby

But, technology marches on! I recently learned about Mimo wearable baby monitor teaming up to feed the Nod Digital Sleep Coach app. Having studied thousands of baby sleep patterns, the Nod app can provide parents with more personalized sleep coaching, almost like having a baby sleep expert in your own home (but for a lot less money than hiring a real life sleep coach).

According to the Nod website:

Nod’s intelligent system learns about you and your family, then delivers you a set of routines specific to the age of your baby, your style of parenting, and your baby’s behaviors.

mimo wearable baby monitor

For about $200, the mimo wearable monitor tracks ALL the data

My husband sent me this very cool (nerd alert!) data visualization of infant’s sleeping. He went along with my idea to track our baby’s sleep data until we could find patterns and reinforce them. While he wasn’t the driver, he enabled me. Heck, he even created my tracking spreadsheet before I fell in love with BabyConnect.

That sounds pretty fantastic to me, but I’m a known data geek. What do you think? Love or shove?

You can now sign up to be in the beta as Nod perfects its digital sleep coaching.

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