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The 4 Coolest Cruises You Can Take for Your Next Vacation

The 4 Coolest Cruises You Can Take for Your Next Vacation

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The 4 Coolest Cruises You Can Take for Your Next Vacation ”

Put briskly, there is literally nothing cooler than taking a cruise to Antarctica. The most frigid voyage known to mankind has become a luxury cruise experience you won’t want to miss out on. With 4 amazing destinations to choose from, the end of the earth is where your next adventure begins! 

Why to Cruise Antarctica 

The perfect vacation calls for a memorable, and most importantly an unparalleled experience from start to finish. After all, what better way is there to truly get away than by going to the actual end of the earth? And that’s just the beginning of what makes a trip to Antarctica unlike any other vacation.  

Escape to a land of ice in the utmost comfort by cruising with Quark Expeditions, the leader of polar adventures. With 4 destinations for unforgettable Antarctica cruises that explore the majestic topography, magnificent wildlife and stimulating history, there is no better travel choice to help you see it all. Now all that’s left to do is find out which cruise is calling you! 

  1. Cruise the Falkland Islands 

Voyage to the southern-most point of South America where magnificent wildlife and rich history await in the Falkland Islands. Make a stop in the capital of Port Stanley to warm your insides at the local pubs before immersing in the areas rich cultural history at Mount Tumbledown, small museums and beautiful churches. 

Venture to Gypsy Cove to see the Magellanic penguin colony or to one of the areas fabulous white sand beaches. Leave the swimsuits at home though! The gorgeous beaches, like Elephant Beach on Pebble Island, is best used for spotting dolphins or to see the largest colony of King penguins on Volunteer beach. 

  1. Cruise the Antarctic Peninsula

The perfect cruise for first time visitors to the Antarctic. The natural, staggering beauty of icebergs, frozen glaciers, incredible wildlife and snow-covered mountain tops will take your breath away. Observe the vast blue ocean for a chance to witness minke and humpback whales at close range. 

Make sure to have a camera ready because the wildlife at Neko Harbour makes it a must-see destination. The mesmerizing cobblestone beach is the place to go for Gentoo penguins, and a popularly known spot for Weddell seals and fur seals to haul out of the icy water to spend time ashore. 

  1. Cruise South Georgia Island

Sometimes known as the “Galapagos of the Poles”, South Georgia is the place for wildlife and polar enthusiastic alike. Make way to the extraordinary Salisbury Plain for an unforgettable view of the massive King penguin colony and fur and elephant seals by the thousands. 

Retrace the steps of the great Arctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and pay homage at his burial site in Grytviken’s graveyard. While on the island be sure to embrace history with a visit to the largest whaling station on South Georgia. 

  1. Cruise to Snow Hill Island 

Put simply there is one main reason to visit this remote island, penguins! The tiny Snow Hill Island is home to about 10,000 penguins, making it an absolute must visit location to make an Antarctic cruising experience complete. 

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The 4 Coolest Cruises You Can Take for Your Next Vacation

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