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The Best Baby Beach Tent for the Summer! 2020 Edition New 2020

The Best Baby Beach Tent for the Summer! 2020 Edition

As great as sunshine is, it’s rays can be really harmful especially to the little ones. Our favorite way to get outside while keeping the babies protected from the sun has always been a baby beach tent. It’s something our family has done for a long time. We had our pro moms check out the best baby beach tent and give you the breakdown of which ones truly are the best for a little baby beach shade.

We know that sunscreen for babies can be a choice that really tears you apart as a parent, since many pediatricians are opposed to its use. That is why a tent is a great compromise. It will provide great shade and keep them off the ground, which is really nice if your outing involves sand. Now that they’re so popular there are tons of great options that are easy to pop up and have special features to accommodate babies. Make sure to check them all out before your summer plans get underway!

Best Baby Beach Tent
Important Features in a Baby Beach Tent

This will be super important because let’s face it, if it isn’t easy to set up it won’t actually ever get put up. That’s just how life is with kiddos around. The best choice to go with is a pop-up baby beach tent. It will have the fewest pieces to deal with! I still remember my husband using quite a few choice words trying to pack back up the pop-up tent, so make sure to find one that is easy to pack back up. 

You want your baby to have the ultimate protection from the sun. If you can find a tent that fits your needs and has ultraviolet protection, you’ve found a winner. Some tents just offer shade, which is still great. However, look for the certified ultraviolet protection label for the added bonus.

  • Something to keep it in the Ground-

You don’t want a flimsy tent that doesn’t stay put. Check to see if there’s stakes, sand pockets, or some sort of pegs to keep it on the ground. You will also want to make sure it is made of sturdy material.

One of the more important things to look for when looking for the best beach tent for your babies is to check to see if there are windows or sides that can be opened to let a little air in. Your little one wants some of that sea breeze too! Any ventilation will keep your tent from turning into a sauna inside.

This one is really up to you and based on your needs. Some mamas might just need a tent for one baby, but others of you might need to fit a few more munchkins in there. It’s always great to have some extra room for everyone else to get a break from the sun. 

The Best Baby Beach Tent

So, we had our pro moms try out different beach tents, and here is a list of the creme of the crop.

Dock a Tot Cabana Beach Tent

If you have a newborn this is the best infant beach tent out there in our opinion. Give your baby a little cabana with the Dock a Tot cabana plus dock. We are fans of Dock a Tot products  and this little cabana is simply adorable and practical. The Dock a Tot will keep your baby safe from the son with it’s UV Mesh covering which can zip up when needed or just left down. The baby beach tent is lightweight and only takes seconds to setup. 

They do come in two colors, pink and blue, and is available at Target and Buy Buy Baby.

This play shade is most of our moms favorite and was consistently voted the best baby beach tent. It is great with its closed bottom to keep sand out, closable and open front with great air vents. Plus some stakes to keep it in the ground. It even comes with a little carrying case making it easy to tote on any adventures. This tent is also made of fabric with 50+ UV rated fabric, so it will protect your baby super well. Check Current Prices Here!

This was also a clear favorite amongst our moms as it is so darn cute. It’s super easy and the perfect pop up baby beach tent. This can be your kiddos special place whether you’re just in the backyard, exploring the beach, or on any kind of adventure. It has a UVF sun protection rating of 50+. Check Current Prices Here

Best Baby Beach Play Tent

Of you are looking for something that will give your baby or babies some space, then this is the baby beach tent for you. It has 14 square feet of play area and is perfect for kids ages 6-24 months. As big as it looks, the setup is surprisingly quite easy, it only took us 5 minutes and we are not handy people.  There is a UV resistant canopy you can attach which blocks out 98% of the UV rays. 

  • Pacific Play Tents One Touch Baby Beach Shade

This baby beach shade is great at is it super easy to put up and more importantly takedown. (My husband has no patience for putting back tents, so it’s a great feature for us) The tent is SPF 30 and is also well ventilated to keep your baby cool. Check Current Prices Here!

baby beach tent - baby beach shade

Baby Beach Tent

This is our rookie mom’s squad’s favorite of the larger tents on the market. This pop-up family tent is HUGE and definitely can fit a lot. Usually, the advertising of 5 person capacity is based on very small people. Not this one. It is a bit tricky to fold back up but they have a youtube video which once you watch a couple times makes it a whole lot easier. – Check Current Prices Here!

  • Pacific Lil Nursery Baby Tent for Beach

    The mesh siding surrounding this whole tent is one reason that we love this baby beach tent so much. It allows your little one to see out and take in all their surroundings. It’s three feet wide and three feet tall, leaving room for some siblings to join in. It isn’t pop up, but it is super easy to assemble. Another perk of this tent is that it’s very easy to wash off after a day of sand. Check Current Prices Here! Best Baby Beach Tent - Baby tent for Beach

    Best Baby Beach Tent

  • EasyGo Shelter

This isn’t quite a baby tent, it’s more like a family tent with plenty of room for about four people inside. It can keep everyone in the family protected from the sun’s harmful rays! The easy go shelter also has one flap that stays open and plenty of UV protection on the inside. It pops up easily. Check Current Prices Here
best beach tent


This tent is really popular among a lot of parents and you can see why because it comes in fun, bright colors! It has plenty of UV protection. Do make sure to put in the stakes though because it is pretty light and might just blow away without them. Check Current Prices Here!

Babymoov Anti-UV Tent - UPF 50+ Sun Shelter for Toddlers and Children, easily folds into a Carrying Bag for Outdoors & Beach


If you’re look for a spot that you know your baby will be safe in, this is a wonderful option. This little infant beach tent is like a mini porta crib. You can have it  halfway or fully closed depending on how much shade you want your baby to have. You can be sure your baby will be comfy because the bedding is super padded, but they will also be super entertained with the cute windmill. Check Current Prices Here!

Fisher Price Baby Beach Tent

This is the baby beach tent for you if you are looking to keep things simple. It’s just a little mat with a fish-shaped sun cover, which is adorable by the way! It folds really easily and has 50 UPF sun protection. Another bonus, it is definitely on the cheaper side.

fish beach tent

I love the sleek design of this tent. It is extremely light, pops up super easily, and folds up into a compact carrying case. It’s perfect for just one baby to fit inside. It is surrounded in mesh, keeping everything you want out outside but air can still flow through. There are side flaps that can be rolled up or down over the mesh if you would like to keep the sun out. Check Current Prices Here!

Baby Beach Tent


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Best Baby Beach Tent

Best Baby Beach Tent

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