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The Best Baby Teething Advice from Experts New 2020

The Best Baby Teething Advice from Experts

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The Best Baby Teething Advice from Experts

It’s easy to be lax about brushing and flossing when there are more immediate battles to fight, but dental hygiene now is crucial. Kids rely on teeth for eating—a vital job for a growing body—and some kids are more prone to plaque buildup, which leads to cavities. Plus, primaries serve as important placeholders for permanent teeth.

Start a hygiene routine early: Even before he gets a tooth, clean your infant’s gums with wet gauze pads or a very small toothbrush. Your toddler can help brush as soon as he can hold a toothbrush. But make sure you’re taking your turn too. “Children don’t have the dexterity in their hands to do a thorough job until they’re about 8 or 9,” Dr. Maser says. Remember not to put your infant or toddler to sleep with a bottle of juice, milk, or sweetened liquid.

And don’t forget the floss, which you should start using when your child has two baby teeth that touch. One study in the Journal of Dental Research found that when kids ages 4 to 13 had their teeth flossed every school day for almost two years, their risk of cavities dropped 40 percent. If you use plastic flossers, be sure to wipe debris off the string before moving to the next tooth in order to avoid redepositing whatever gunk you just took out, Dr. Bowden says.

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The Best Baby Teething Advice from Experts

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