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The Best Bike Trailer for Kids for an Easy & Safe Ride New 2020

bike ride

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A bike trailer is a great way to incorporate your children into your fitness routine. Not to mention, it is fun for the whole family! A bike trailer is an attachable carriage that looks a lot like an enclosed stroller. The rear has two large supporting wheels. Then, the front has a trailer style hitch that attaches to an adult bike frame. The adult rides their bike pulling the children in the rear trailer. This allows your children to enjoy the ride and take in the outdoors while you can enjoy your time on the bike. We will go over all the best bike trailers for kids below so you can be cruising with your little ones in no time! 

The Best Bike Trailer for Kids for an Easy & Safe Ride

bike trailer for kids

The biggest thing to look for when choosing a bike trailer is a comfortable amount of room for your kids and easy in-and-out access. Of course, you also want it to be a smooth ride for the adult pulling the trailer. One thing to keep in mind is that some bike trailers are stroller convertible! This is a great option if you will be riding your bike to and from parks, coffee shops, or easy hikes. It gives your bike trailer double the purpose and adds the convenience of a stroller when you arrive at your destination. 


bike ride

  • Stability: large rear wheels and small front wheels keep things solid and feeling stable.
  • Seatbelts: many bike trailers have a built-in harness. The harness along with a helmet will keep them safe while riding.
  • Seating: some bike trailers are single rider while others are double. Choose the right size for your family.
  • Weight requirements: height and weight requirements need to be followed in order to safely ride in a bike trailer. Some bike trailers consider cargo weight as well.
  • Wide windows: you want your child to enjoy their ride! Choosing a trailer with three wide windows and an optional sunshade will help keep everyone comfortable.
  • Convertible: some bike trailers can be converted into outdoor strollers for jogging. Choosing this option gives you flexibility for both biking as well as hiking, walking, or jogging.

The Top 10 Best Bike Trailers for Kids

These top 10 best bike trailers for kids were chosen because they offer accessibility and stability as well as function and comfort. These options should be compatible with most bikes, so you can attach them to whatever bike you’ve already got. We made sure to pick the highest quality options so you get a few years of riding out of them. Once they wear out, your child will probably ready to ride their own bike alongside you!

Bike Trailers

1: Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

best bike trailer for kids

This is a great beginner or utilitarian bike trailer for kids. The price point is right and this model comes in either one child or two children configurations. Everything about this trailer was designed to be lightweight and practical. Plus, there are large windows made of durable yet lightweight plastic, allowing the cabin to be airy and bright.

The steel frame and foldable design make this trailer easy to transport. It’s offered in several cabin colors to match your style and the arm-style trailer hitch gives you plenty of space for loading and unloading. There are 5 point safety harnesses and foot guards to keep each rider secure and comfortable.

2: Burley Bee 2 Seat Kids Bike-Only Trailer

bike trailer

If you are looking for a more classic bike trailer for kids, try this bright yellow and black option. The whole package comes ready to bike, from the steel tow bar and hitch to the added flag and large all-terrain style rear wheels. The cabin has UV protective tinted side windows and a front mesh window that can also be covered with a rolled plastic window for weather protection.

Safety features include a five-point interior harness and a steel roll cage to keep riders safe in an accident. The added wheel guard protect the wheel attachments from any obstacles on the path for a smooth and safe ride. The whole trailer is designed to fold flat for easy transportation or storage.

3: Schwinn Echo Kids Double Tow Behind Trailer

bike trailer

This is the bike trailer for you if you need a serious 2 seater that can handle longer rides. It is a Schwinn Trailer that both looks great and delivers. The universal bike coupler is designed to fit most bike frames and rear wheels, giving you enough space to tow safely. The cabin provides two 5 point harnesses with shoulder padding with a two-in-one canopy complete with bug shield and weather shield. There’s also a rear ventilation window for airflow and climate control.

This bike trailer is unique in that it’s designed to be able to carry up to 12 pounds worth of gear as well, perfect for longer outings and events. The wheels are 20 inches and pneumatic for increased performance and a smooth ride. Best of all, the frame collapses and the wheels are removable so it will fit into most trunk spaces.

4: InStep Single Seat Tow Behind Bike Trailer

bike trailer for kids

This InStep is a small, compact, one rider bike trailer. It is a simple, single rider trailer with a weather shield and bug shield for all-season riding. The neutral color scheme of the exterior helps to blend in with natural landscapes and matches many bike frames.

As for the stats,  this trailer has 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims for easy performance. The frame is also designed with quick-release wheels and a foldable frame, perfect for storage or transport in the trunk of your car. There’s a removable safety flag for more visibility, making this a complete package for a safe, single rider setup.

5: Thule Cadence Child Bicycle Trailer

bike trailer

Thule is a well-known cargo and storage company, so seeing their bike trailer for kids is a solid option to invest in. The Cadence model is a two-child cabin with safety harnesses and both a bug screen and a rain shield. The simple design and structure along with the solid frame makes this a great model for carrying cargo in addition to riders. The bike trailer kit is included along with a safety flag and Thule’s ezHitch. The sides are open and airy with plenty of floor space for storage from toys and snacks to extra clothing, lunch, or supplies for an outing.

Stroller Convertible

6: Aosom Elite 2-in-1 Double Child Cargo Trailer and Jogger


This is the first convertible bike trailer on our list because it has a very compact design. The compact design makes it great for biking as well as jogging or strolling. Aosom Elite 2-in-1 has a front-wheel attachment built into the frame, as opposed to attaching to the hitch. This gives you plenty of durability and stability while jogging or walking. 

As for practicality, I love the neutral color scheme, mesh side windows, weather shield covers, safety flags, and wheel guards. Combined these features give you plenty of safety, security, and comfort. Not to mention, there’s plenty of rear storage for bags, snacks, or anything you may need while you’re out. This is truly a great all-in-one option!

7: InStep Quick-N-EZ Double Seat Convertible

in step convertible

The InStep Quick-N-EZ Double Seat Convertible Bike Trailer & Stroller has a large main cabin giving each rider their own space to enjoy and relax. My favorite thing about this option is the wide front window, which has a bug screen and weather shield. The side windows do as well, creating optimal viewing, airflow, and protection.

The five-point safety harnesses, large rear wheels, and extra storage space make this a great option for both a bike trailer and stroller. The folding frame makes this easy to store and transport, giving you plenty of options for biking, strolling, hiking, and enjoying a day outside.

8: Burley Honey Bee 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller

convertible stroller bike

For a two-rider bike trailer & stroller with a few bells and whistles, check out this option by Burley. The canopy is a dark black with red accents and tinted side windows for UV protection. The wheel stroller kit allows you to easily convert this trailer into a stroller and folds flat for easy storage.

The rear stroller handle is adjustable to a range of heights and doubles as a roll bar. The roll bar will fold forward when riding in case of an accident. Other safety features include a parking brake and a space for a rear flag. I love the front reflectors for increased visibility. 

9: Schwinn Pacific Cycle Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer Stroller

bike trailer for kids

A great all-around bike trailer and stroller is this bright red option by Schwinn. The cabin is a two-seater with harnesses, rear storage, and wide windows, delivering all the benefits of their bike trailers with the additional rear handle. You can attach a small front center wheel to turn it into a stroller or jogger.

As a stroller, this option has plenty of storage, a bright canopy, and large rear wheels. Active families will appreciate all the features here, along with the weight capabilities, up to 40 pounds per child with 12 pounds for cargo!

10: Thule Coaster XT Cycle Stroll Trailer

thule coaster

This bike trailer and jogging stroller is no-frills with a little hint of flair. The cabin can carry two children, each with their own five-point harness. Plus, it has a total weight capacity of 100 pounds.

There’s extra space for storage below the seats. The large front window has both a bug screen and a weather shield to keep the cabin comfortable and two wide side windows for viewing and airflow. The small front tire and rear grab bar make this a great option for those that want to bike to a location and then walk around town before heading home.


I hope this list has helped you to find the perfect bike trailer for your family! The perfect trailer will meet your comfort and safety needs. You also want to choose a trailer that is simple for you to set up and easily collapses for storage. 


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