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The Best Rosé’s to Try this Year ”

It’s 2021. 2020? We don’t know her. Never heard of her. Ask someone else. Last year, if we’re being honest, might have been a year of cheap vodka and tears. Not great. 0/10 would not recommend it.

But this year? She’s going to be a rosé for sure. So you’re going to need to honor her in the best way possible.

You may be wondering, how do I go about doing this? What rosé is the best one for me to try this year to get in the spirit?

Fear not, friend. Look no further. We have scoured the internet and are here to deliver to you the best, BEST, rosé to try this year. 

Why Rose?

First, you may be wondering, why would I want a rosé in the first place? We counter this: why not rosé, pal?

If you’re into white wines like pinot grigio or chardonnay, you really want your wine to be crisp and clean. If you’re more of a deep reds kinda chick, you want something that’s maybe a little richer in flavor and full in body.

If you’re into both? Nice. You’re gonna love this.

Something like a nice quality rose wine is the best of both worlds, as Hannah Montana once taught us. It has a light, crisp flavor with a bit of a tangy bite to it that’s just mellow enough. It’s not in-your-face sweet or lip-puckering dry, but rather a middle ground that your tastebuds are definitely gonna dig.

Perfect for Every Occasion

There’s a reason there are so many mentions of rosé in songs and pop culture; she’s a classic. Rosé is the magical little chameleon of wines, she’s fancy enough for a hot dinner date or gala, but also chill enough for a pool day or even a Sunday brunch (or Monday brunch, if you have to work Sunday brunch like many of us do.)

Whatever you’ve got going on, rosé will really show up for you. Rosé is the best friend of wines.

Methods of Consumption

Okay, so we sold you on the whole rosé thing. Which one should you start with, though? There are a few different routes you could go when it comes to the bottling of your rosé, but allow us to make a somewhat spicy suggestion that you may not have thought of.

Try it in a Can

Hear us out, okay? You’ve had all of those low-calorie, iffy-tasting sparkling alcoholic seltzers before and you’ve never given them a second thought, so why shouldn’t you try a rosé that comes in a can? The answer is, you should.

A can of this delicious wine is the perfect serving size to bring with you wherever you’re headed for the day and not have to worry about bringing any other glasses along for the journey. 

You pop open the can and then you don’t have to worry about all of the bubbles you lose when you open a full bottle of sparkling wine and then don’t finish it immediately (because apparently, not everyone finishes their entire bottle of wine immediately).

With the convenience of a can, you also don’t have to worry about breaking any glass should things get a little, um, messy. Drink responsibly, you guys.

Try Something Different

If you’re tired of grabbing the same old bottle for every occasion, then why don’t you try not getting a bottle at all? With a pack of cans or rosé, you can bring the sweet, fruity flavors of summery fruits like peach, raspberry, and strawberry onto the scene without having to worry about pouring anything at all.

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The Best Rosé’s to Try this Year

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