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The Best Sippy Cup for your Baby [and to PREVENT SPILLS!] New 2020

There are so many decisions in parenting that others will weigh in on, and we know how confusing that can be. We are not here to tell you when to start a sippy cup or even convince you that you need to, but we do have some valuable information on what the very best sippy cups on the market are. A sippy cup is the step in between bottle and a regular cup. Their real purpose is to minimize mess while your kiddo learns how it all works. And let’s be honest, while you are living through the nightmare of terrible twos some cups might be thrown so it’s best they’ve got a nice solid lid on them.

Best Sippy Cup

What to Look For

Sippy cups are made for all different stages. The first thing you will want to think about is what your little one is ready for. There are cups with soft or hard spouts, cups with straws, and flat lids. You might need to try a few to find out which your baby prefers. Their preference may even change as they get more used to using a sippy cup.

The next thing to consider is the material. Just like when you chose bottles for your baby, it is important to think about the material of the sippy cup they will be drinking out of. Plastic will be the most common option you find. It is fine to go with this just make sure it is BPA free. You can also find stainless steel and silicone options, both of which are super durable.

Best Sippy Cup

You will also want this cup to be very easy to clean, as it will be tossed out of strollers and thrown from high chairs and encounter endless toddler germs. Each cup will have its own specific cleaning instructions so be sure to follow them. However, try to find one that can be placed in the dishwasher because it will be much easier than hand cleaning.

Best Sippy Cup

best sippy cup

These cups have become increasingly popular, and it is no mystery why! It is completely spill-proof, trains your child for a regular cup, and it supports their dental health. Because it doesn’t have very many pieces, it is one of the easiest cups to clean. It can be easily placed in the dishwasher. The rim around the top allows your child to sip from anywhere but automatically seals when it is not being drank out of. Check Current Prices Here!

Best Transition Sippy Cup

This one is my personal favorite and you will find a lot of moms rave about this botttle as “the only bottle my baby will take” The soft silicone spout is gentle on little mouths and flexible so it moves with the baby. It is BPA free which is a month and the handles are removable if your child prefers to just grab the bottle. Nothing comes out of the holes unless it is sucked on. I have heard that some babies do have a couple day learning curve on this bottle, but once they get used to it, they love it.  Check Current Prices Here!

NUK Learner Sippy Cup

Best sippy cup - nuk

TheNUK Learner Sippy Cup is a great training cup option. Transitioning from a nipple to a cup is a transition. This cup is a  safe option for dental development. It is easy to  clean and assemble after taken apart. This cup is made to be easy for little hands to hold, meaning maybe they will actually keep it instead of tossing it. Check Current Prices Here!

B.Box Essential Sippy Cup

best sippy cup

This is another great sippy cup option with a straw. Because the straw is weighted, your toddler can still drink out of it from any angle. This eliminates some of the transition frustration. It also has a fat base. Fat base makes it easier for toddlers to set down upright, which means less potential messes for you. It is BPA free, along with being phthalates and PVC free.

Nuby No-Spill Super Sprout - 

best sippy cup

This one was the staple of my household for my kids. This is one of the few cups that really can handle it all, even the scariest of tantrums. It rarely leaks even when thrown or shaken. Its soft spout makes the transition from bottle easy and also teaches your child how to drink properly.

The spout is only one clear piece so it is easy to clean and also easy to spot when dirty. However after a while you might need to toss some pieces as they get too dirty or start leaking. Nuby’s parts can be changed out for pieces from other cups making it easy to mix and match because we all know cupboards can seem to be a black hole. Check Current Prices Here!

best sippy cup

For the eco friendly family or one that is always on the go, this insulated stainless steel cup might just be the perfect fit. It can keep your little one’s drink cold for up to six hours, which is awesome in all sorts of scenarios from long hikes to cross country plane rides. This cup can grow with your child easily by removal of the handles or the addition of interchangeable Foogo parts. – Check it out here!

Tommee Tippee Sportee Bottle

best sippy cup

Your toddler will hardly realize you have done away with their beloved bottle when you choose the Tommee Tippie Sportee Bottle as their training cup. It is leak proof, easy to clean, and lightweight enough for little hands to hold all day long. Here you also get 4 cups in a pack. Pack of 4 cups means if your baby likes them you might never have to buy another sippy cups. Check it out Here!


Best Sippy Cups

Of course, there had to be one on the list unlike all the others. The Reflo Smart Cup is not truly a sippy cup, but it is a cup that helps to prevent spills while your kiddo is still learning. It is just like drinking from an opened rimmed cup, but there is an insert that controls the flow of liquid making it so that your child doesn’t drink too fast and spill. It also means if it is tipped over, it affords you a little extra reaction time before there is a mess. There is no suction needed to make this cup work as it is designed to be free flowing which means there are no concerns related to dental development.  Check it out Here!


There you have it, our complete list of the Best sippy cups on the market! Do you have one you prefer? Or Do you have a question about any of the sippy cups?

Let us know in the comments!

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