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The Best Toys for 5 Year Olds; 20 Spectacular Options New 2020

The Best Toys for 5 Year Olds; 20 Spectacular Options

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Whether your kiddo is celebrating a birthday or a holiday is just around the corner or you’re just looking for some new entertainment this list contains some of the best fun & educational toys around! 5 year olds are inquisitive and eager to play, which is why it can be tricky to find the right toy for their developmental level! The best toys for little ones this age get them moving or interacting to keep them interested and engaged while also learning. The 20 toys below have been chosen because they can help your 5 year old develop and hit milestones markers while having fun.

Most of the toys on this list are great for children beyond age 5 as well, making them great investments for years of fun.

Best Toys for 5 Year Olds on Wheels

1: Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

best toys for 5 year olds

5 year olds are always on the move and this scooter was designed with their age and energy in mind. The wheels light up which is pretty exciting for your little one. As for their safety, the deck is wide to help them stay balanced. The scooter also has a grow-with-me feature that allows younger children to ride the scooter with a seat, and as they get older and can balance the seat can be removed turning the toy into a full-size scooter.

2: Fun Zone Dual Twister

best toys for 5 year olds

Although it is not quite on wheels, this simple spinning toy provides hours of entertainment. We’ve included it in this category since it is still a moving toy and helps your kiddo learn the mechanics of steering. The child sits on the platform and uses the steering wheel to spin themselves as fast or as slow as they like. This toy can build independence and is a source of endless fun. Another bonus, when playing outside you can turn this into a water toy! 

3: Joystar Kids Bike with Training Wheels

Both 5-year-old boys and girls are ready to start riding a bike on their own. The Joystar Kids Bike has all the features necessary for a new rider. The seat is very easy to adjust and there are stabilizing training wheels. It is also designed to be both simple and durable meaning it can last through the bumps of a new learner. And guess what, it comes 85% pre-assembled! Woohoo for not trying to figure out where all the nuts and bolts go while your five year old pesters you! 

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Best Toys for 5 Year Olds That Encourage Make Believe & Creativity

4: 3-in-1 Pop Up Play Tent

Any 5 year old would love to have their own personal ball pit, tunnel, AND tent! This toy is easy to assemble and helps turn any play space into an interactive fun zone. The tent, tunnel, and ball pit all pop-up and fold down for storage. The ball pit balls are included, making this a great toy straight out of the box. So it is easy setup and will keep your kiddo entertained for hours; 2 huge wins in my book!

5: myFirst Insta 2 Camera

myfirst camera

Does anyone else remember those Chuck E. Cheese photobooths? Well, this camera is like having your very own version of that! It prints out black and white photos on thermal paper. My youngest, Olivia, is obsessed with having her very own camera. She captures the funniest things and she’ll have all of these as keepsakes for a long time. It even has a selfie lens so that she can capture some shots of herself easily. As for me, I love that she can take tons of pictures (like 800!) before I ever need to worry about buying new paper. This would make a wonderful gift for the little creator in your life! 

6: Crayola Inspiration Art Case

By age 5, children are interested in coloring and this art case allows them to branch out beyond large crayons and markers to experiment with other drawing tools. Everything included is safe and non-toxic making it a great gift for a little one. This is a comprehensive collection of art supplies that can be used in coloring books or with drawing paper. You will get 64 crayons and 40 washable markers! Plus, this case is a great way to teach them about keeping all their supplies organized. 

7: Fansteck Water Doodle Mat

best toys for 5 year olds

For a fun twist on the traditional drawing on paper, give the magic water drawing mat a try. Children can have fun with water markers drawing on the mat for big fun. This mat is big enough for four children to draw at once and folds up for easy storage between uses. There are two themes to choose from; alphabet or animal. 

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8: LEGO Classic Bricks Creative Suitcase

A staple of childhood are LEGO bricks and 5 year olds are the perfect age for independent building and playing. These classic colored rainbow bricks arrive in and are stored in a yellow LEGO suitcase, which makes it easy to carry around and keep all the pieces in one place. There are so many different things that they can build with this set, so they won’t tire of it quickly! 

Best Toys for the 5 Year Old Helper 

9: Garden Wagon and Tool Set

best toys for 5 year olds

Okay, how adorable is this set?! Children love to follow the lead of the adults in their lives, and this gardening set makes it easy for your 5 year old to join and get their hands dirty. The wagon carries all the tools and the matching set helps your 5 year old feel like they’re doing serious work among the plants and in the yard. After all, you can’t turn down a set of helping hands. Pair it with Joanna Gaines’ We Are the Gardeners for a great gift! 

10: Light up Terrarium

best toys for 5 year olds

If your 5 year old loves being outside and working in the garden or helping you water the plants, a terrarium is a great addition to their bedroom. This terrarium was designed with children in mind and uses a simple design and easy to grow plants to help educate them about nature. They will especially love this if they see mom & dad tending to an herb garden or indoor plants. 

11: Craftsman Real Tool Starter Set

You have probably seen tons of little play toolsets, but this takes it up a notch! These are real tools that will allow your little one to start building and fixing alongside you. It all comes in a little Craftsman bag so that they can keep everything organized. Inside you will find mini pliers, a hammer, a wrench, safety glasses and more. Of course, you will probably only want to allow them to have the set under supervision!

12: Omzer Kids Camera

My kiddos are always asking to use my camera, and I love seeing what they capture! However, it can be a little nerve-wracking to hand an expensive camera over to a 5 year old. I think it is one of the best gift ideas to get them their very own camera that is shockproof and easy for them to use! It is covered in soft silicone to keep it safe. Not to mention, it actually takes pretty great quality photos. It comes in a variety of colors with cartoon stickers for your little one to customize it as they please. 

The Best Toys for 5 Year Olds to Encourage Learning

13: ZINGO!

best toys for 5 year olds

Board games are fun to introduce to your 5 year old but you will want to keep it pretty simple, especially if your child isn’t reading yet. ZINGO! is bingo with a zing and uses pictures as well as words to fill the board spaces. Not only is it fun, but you will be helping your kiddo with reading and matching skills as you play. Up to 7 people can play at once, so the whole family will be able to join in too! 

14: National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why

If you have a child, you have probably been asked the question “why?” more times than imaginable. 5 year olds are super inquisitive, and they want to know the answer “why” to almost everything they see in their daily lives. This book is a great way to have a resource on hand that answers why. There are great photos in this book and it’s a must for any child’s growing library.

15: Kinetic Sand

Another great toy option for home use is Kinetic Sand. It is a type of magic sand that sticks to itself and not your child (or your floor or your furniture). This is the perfect way to take the beach home with you and is a great alternative to the traditional sandbox. Plus, it helps your child with some important skills. Not only is it working your child’s fine motor skills but it is also a great way for overly active or excited little ones to get out their emotions. Of course, it is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic, just in case your little one decides to try a taste. 

16: Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets

best toys for 5 year olds

Stomp Rockets are 100% kid-powered. You run, jump, and stomp to send them flying up into the air. This set comes with two launchers so that your little one can challenge a friend, sibling, or parent. Best of all, this is a STEM toy that encourages your child’s math and science development. Rockets make such a great toy for 5 year olds that we had to include two options on our list! You will find the other rocket option below in the Outdoor Toys section. 

17: My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Do you have a little scientist on your hands? If so, they will be obsessed with this science kit. It will teach them the basics of chemical reactions (safely, of course). Plus, none of the experiments are very hard so you will be able to help your little one regardless of your own science knowledge. 

18: Melissa & Doug Wooden Construction Building Set

A 5 year old is still in a stage where they love building and putting things together. This set comes with 48 pieces varying from nuts, bolts, drilled bars to connect, and a child-size screwdriver. They can use their imagination or use the building guides to create a crane, motorcycle, airplane, or race car. 

Best Outdoor Toys for 5 Year Olds

19: Dinosaur Bubble Blower

Sometimes it is the simple things that kids love the most! Bubbles are a classic activity for younger children and this bubble blower adds even more fun with LED flashing lights and dinosaur sounds. The blaster style design makes it easy for younger children, even 5 year olds, to make it work and enjoy bubbles beyond the simple wand.

20: Toy Rocket Launcher

best toys for 5 year olds

5 year olds love getting outdoors and running around to expelling their energy. They also love unique and exciting toys, like a rocket launcher! This air-powered launcher with foam rockets is a STEM centric toy. It is a great way to introduce your child to the sciences.

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21: Adventure Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit

best toys for 5 year olds

Exploring the backyard can be a blast for 5 year olds and it gets them to interact with their environment in a new way. This explorer kit comes with everything you need to observe bugs, birds, and other wildlife that’s just a few steps outside their front door. Your child will love having their own binoculars and compass to make them feel like a real explorer! 

22: Sprinkle and Splash Pad

Looking for a way to have fun in the sun? Look no further! This sprinkler and splash pad is an easy way to cool off and have an absolute blast. This splash pad easily connects to your garden hose and will create a backyard splash pad similar to a public pad or waterpark.


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