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The different types of retail shelving to choose from

The different types of retail shelving to choose from

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The different types of retail shelving to choose from ”

Retail stores are evolving with every passing day! Today, the world demands the retail segment to be dynamic and competitive. Hence, retail stores need to arrange their décor accordingly. One of the most crucial aspects of retail stores includes retail shelves. 

Today, the retail industry is booming with excellent in-store aesthetics. Hence, it becomes essential for retail store owners to opt-in for the advantages of retail shelving. Today, there are different kinds of retail shelves that you can opt-in for. The crucial ones are

Wall shelving is one of the conventional choices and is best when you want to showcase books. Here you don’t require to hang one shelf on your wall but can use many shelves. It will offer ample space to store objects that are big and heavy. Additionally, the wall shelves have a neat and pleasant look and are also durable and robust. Do you wish to save space? If yes, then it is one of the ideal choices for you. Some of the various materials used for this retail shelving are steel, glass, and wood. 

It is one of the famous retail shelving types that you can opt-in for! It holds the merchandise and enables you to decide the store layout and have any products that include bulky goods and featured items. To know more about this, you can check out SI Shop Shelving.

The end bay shelves are also called the promo end bays. These shelves get positioned at right angles towards the end of the shelving. It is apt for retail stores that want to showcase their products and items conventionally. It is mostly used in spaces where consumers expect clearance products, seasonal products, and sales items. 

The differentiating factor between the promo end bays and end bays is the addition of back panels at the back end of the shelve that ensures that the products don’t fall. The shelves come with a tidy and neat appearance and ensure that the back unit is visible to the users. You can find them in varied configurations, such as with Slatwall, pegboard, or upper shelves. 

The pegboard shelves include a base shelf along with a heavy-duty panel that comes with perforated back panels. The pegboard hooks get used to generate a display of hanging space in the retail store. The shelves are highly versatile with their peg hooks of varying lengths. You use the hook based on the product that you want to use. These shelves are mostly useful in hardware stores and pound shops. 

The freestanding shelves get used in stores where you can showcase various kinds of products. The shelves get made of materials like wood and stainless steel. The shelves made of stainless steel are durable and can hold heavy products easily. These shelves also come with tires at times, which is useful when moving it from one place to another. 

These are a few retail shelves available in the market for you to choose and use in your retail store, depending on your requirement.

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The different types of retail shelving to choose from

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