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The most important aspect of breast reconstruction surgery

The most important aspect of breast reconstruction surgery

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The most important aspect of breast reconstruction surgery ”

The decision to undergo BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY is one of the most important decisions in a woman’s life. The next line provides some accurate answers to the most important questions on the topic of breast reconstruction surgery. You can use this to determine if this intervention is right for you.

First of all, you can choose not to have this type of surgery. In this case, you can decide to wear an external breast foam (prosthesis) inside the bra. These forms are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, including foams, cotton and silicone. Prostheses can be ordered according to the size and shape of the breast.

Would you recommend looking for this type of surgery?

The decision to operate depends on the condition of the breast. Breast condition can be affected by medical conditions, general health, lifestyle, emotional status, or breast size and shape. You should call your family, friends or counselors to help you make a decision. And they can tell you more about breast augmentation surgery. After evaluating all the information, it is best to wait at least 2-4 weeks before making the final decision.

If you decide to have breast reconstruction but do not have a priority surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery, talk to your doctor. This is the easiest way to find an experienced beautician in your area. After this, you should start planning your intervention for the best possible results.

What are the options available for the rebuild procedure?

The type of breast reconstruction depends on factors such as breast shape and size, general health, lifestyle, and goals. Women with small and medium-sized breasts are the best candidates for breast reconstruction. Desirable results can be achieved by using implants (silicone gel breast implants, saline, or a combination of both) or a portion of your own tissue.

Whether you choose breast augmentation surgery or not, you will probably need multiple interventions to get perfect symmetry and the desired appearance. For example, the position of the papilla is difficult to fully construct after the first intervention. Finally, the surgeon will determine if your health and medical condition meets the requirements for breast reconstruction and begin the necessary steps. Women with breast augmentation surgery are ideal candidates for implant-based solutions.

Useful advice for patients with breast reconstruction surgery:

After undergoing a mastectomy, many women decide to choose breast reconstruction. This decision is very common and should be done after careful analysis of all aspects of the intervention, whether it is made for convenience or to improve self-image. ..

There are two basic types of breast reconstruction surgery. The first uses the patient’s own tissue taken from the abdomen or back, the second type involves the use of silicone implants. It is up to the patient to decide the preferred method. Obviously, implants are not as consistent as tissue, but using them makes surgery much faster and easier. On the other hand, breast reconstruction surgery using the collected tissue is often complicated and difficult.

Before deciding to have breast reconstruction surgery, you need to be aware that multiple interventions may be required, even if you choose after a mastectomy. The reason for this is that the surgeon does not reconstruct the areola and nipple at the same time as the rest of the breast.

Breast reconstruction with your own tissue involves the use of abdominal muscles. This is usually directed to the chest below the skin where a new breast is formed. Finally, the surgeon sews a cut in the abdomen. The best part of the procedure is to eventually get smaller and thinner. Another method involves the use of tissue from the patient’s back. Like the abdominal muscles, the back muscles are turned under the skin and relocated to the chest. There, it is used to form an implant pocket or is placed in the shape of a breast.

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The most important aspect of breast reconstruction surgery

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