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The one thing with wheels that every family needs New 2020

Affordable wagon that supports two kids

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My 8-year old has been selling Girl Scout cookies out of our plastic Radio Flyer wagon this month. I get a little hit of that delicious pride-of-parenting feeling each time she says, “Have a nice day!” to a customer. But there’s another emotion, too. I feel deep consumer satisfaction from having owned this wagon for ten years and getting so much use out of it. Everyone needs a wagon, and it’s a perfect first birthday gift.

Perfect first birthday gift: a red wagon

A one-year-old can climb in and out of it as an activity that might occupy the better part of an afternoon. In and out. In an out.

A willful two-year-old can attempt to pull a favorite doll around. Yes, a doll stroller is more agile, but a wagon is for those who dream big. Like your toddler.

A three-nager who is SO OVER the stroller is more likely to concede to getting in the wagon. I’ve seen many preschoolers riding around the county fair in one with a sun-protection canopy (even napping on-the-go!).

Must-have wagon for bringing supplies to the park or beach
Foldable wagon of awesome capacity with canopy found here.

When they were little, I definitely put both my kids in the wagon to walk over to a playground. And at 8 and 11, they still try to convince me to pull them both in it.

Affordable wagon that supports two kids
Value priced wagon that holds two kids, probably through adolescence.

When I chose a wagon like the blue one above, I wanted a plastic one that would not rust and could be hosed down. It does fit into the trunk of my SUV, but would not be easy to take somewhere in a Prius. My children loved putting items in the storage compartments and climbing out through the door.

Newsflash! A collapsible wagon is the latest trend in wagons, and it’s strong, spacious, and easy to transport. It folds up like a pack-n-play when you pull from the center, and becomes slim, like a stroller. This fits in any trunk.

Collapsible wagon fits in trunk: MUST HAVE!
Costs more-wagon, but carries more, steers better, and stores like a stroller.

Wagon that folds like a stroller: MUST HAVE
BLUE wagon on crazy sale at Amazon>

And it’s not just our family that uses it. Friends borrow our wagon for camping every year — a convenient way to carry a bunch of stuff from the car to a campsite — and our neighborhood association relies on it to deliver items around our block.

For the baby who has everything? Consider a wagon.

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