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The Top 10 Sleep Mistakes Parents Make New 2020

The Top 10 Sleep Mistakes Parents Make

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The Top 10 Sleep Mistakes Parents Make

“This is a classic mistake parents make,” says Faure. “Do not move your baby until he can climb out of the crib on his own. In that case, he is a danger to himself and must be moved into a bed. Otherwise, let him sleep in his crib until he’s around two years old, when most toddlers are ready for a bed. A crib’s sides provide a very useful barrier at a time when your baby cannot understand or obey verbal boundaries (such as ‘Stay in your bed’).”

If you are ready to transition your toddler to a crib, West says there are two approaches:

The Cold Turkey Method: Simply remove the crib and replace it with the new bed. Just be sure to have guard rails on both sides (or if the bed is against the wall, place the rail on the open side).

The Gradual Approach: Start by leaving the crib rail down, with a stool at the side so she can get out by herself, and some pillows near the bed in case she falls out. “If you can fit the new bed and the crib in the same room, you can start with reading books on the bed or have her nap in the bed,” explains West. “Then pick the big night where she sleeps in the bed at night. Once she’s sleeping in her bed for naps and nights, you can remove the crib.

Whichever method you choose, explain to your child that she should not get out of the bed without you. But just in case, be sure to childproof the room and consider putting a gate up at the bedroom door so you don’t have to worry about your child getting up to explore in the middle of the night. You can make the transition fun by letting your little one choose her own quilt and sheets for the new bed, but resist the urge to lie down with her at night. “You may find yourself stuck there for months and even years!” says West.

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The Top 10 Sleep Mistakes Parents Make

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