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The Ultimate Bucket List: Things To Do In Ohio

The Ultimate Bucket List: Things To Do In Ohio

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The Ultimate Bucket List: Things To Do In Ohio ”

Ohio is a state that has no shortage of things to do. From the excitement of Cleveland, to the natural beauty in Chillicothe and Zanesville, Ohio truly has something for everyone. If you are looking for an adventure near home then this post is perfect for you!

We have compiled a list of the best things to do in Ohio! From ziplining on the river, to taking an ice cream tour up north and everything in-between. Follow along as we expose you to the best things to do in Ohio.

Get Outside And Play!

Zip Lining on the river

The Mighty Mac is one of the newest additions to Zanesville and can be found just south of town. This zipline course offers over a mile of cable with twelve different lines running between 600 feet to 1000 feet in length! Each line takes you through some truly breathtaking scenery while giving you an adrenaline rush unlike any other.

Bike Tours

Bike tours are quickly becoming more popular for those who love exploring new parts of Ohio, but don’t want to walk or drive their car everywhere they go. There’s actually several bike tour companies that offer deals where all your biking needs will be taken care of as well as guided tours so you’ll know exactly what places need checking out during your stay.

Hike at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio has a lot of beautiful hikes. There are over 100 miles of hiking trails, some that lead to breathtaking overlooks and waterfalls. One place you can hike is the Gorge trailhead at Boston Store Visitor Center near Akron Ohio. This scenic area offers great views of the Cuyahoga River gorge below as well as cascading waterfalls- and it’s only about 45 minutes from downtown Cleveland!

Spend time with family and friends on Lake Erie beaches

All of the Great Lakes have beautiful beaches. Lake Erie, our favorite of the Great Lakes, is long and skinny (so you can drive from one end to the other in a day) with sandy shores that stretch uncomplicatedly for miles.

Outdoor adventures not your cup of tea? Let’s explore some of the other great things to do in Ohio.

Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a really cool museum that can be found in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Located on beautiful Lake Erie, it features memorabilia from such popular bands as The Beatles to Stevie Wonder. It is free for all visitors! Visitors should take advantage while they are here because this institution doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world!

Go to a Cleveland Indians game

The Cleveland Indians have been in existence since 1901, and they are one of the oldest teams still playing. They play at Progressive Field which is located at 2401 Ontario Street on Public Square in downtown Cleveland. The stadium has a capacity of 37,462 people with 31 luxury suites, and it’s also equipped for both day games and night games! A game ticket can range anywhere from $15 to upwards of $135 depending on what you want access to inside the ballpark (game tickets start at about $21). If you don’t want tickets to the game but would rather just be nearby there are plenty of places that offer patio seating where you can enjoy an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage while watching all the live action.

Tour the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has been one of my favorite attractions in Ohio. The zoo is absolutely stunning and it’s hard to believe that you’re not somewhere else with all the animals roaming free! I love animal watching and this was a great way for me to do so since there are over 500 species on display here. My personal favorites were probably the gorillas, grizzly bear, African penguins, tigers, elephants and flamingos. There is something about seeing these big creatures up close that makes them seem almost human-like! We recommend going early morning or later afternoon as most people attend during daytime hours when school gets out. This also ensures you’ll be able to see everything without worrying about crowds or lines.

Shopping In Columbus

Columbus has a lot to see but most people visit for the shopping. Columbus has a variety of stores with different atmospheres and shopping styles.

The Short North is the best place for “cool” brands like Nike, Diesel, or Aldo. It’s also home to some great vintage shops that are perfect if you’re looking for something more unique than what most department stores offer. Downtown Columbus also offers plenty of options but it feels more generic in comparison to The Short North and Easton Town Center which is located just outside city limits in neighboring Bexley.

Downtown still has a lot going on though from Camelot Books (Ohio’s largest independent bookstore) to Mitchell’s Ice Cream Parlor where you can get classic ice cream flavors mixed with homemade waffle cones pictured below!

As you can see, there’s literally something for everyone in Ohio. Whether you’re a history nerd who wants to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center or an animal lover, there are plenty of things for you to do in Ohio. Which one is your favorite? This blog post talks about what’s on our bucket list and why we love traveling around Ohio so much!

There are tons of fun places that you can go with your friends, family members, significant other – whoever! We don’t stop at just exploring the city either; nature lovers will also have no problem finding new adventures in this beautiful state. Whether it’s hiking through some gorgeous scenery or swimming under waterfalls, these options make us really want to pack up and move here tomorrow (or maybe even tonight)!

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The Ultimate Bucket List: Things To Do In Ohio

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