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Things to do in Alameda, CA with a baby New 2020

Things to do in Alameda, CA with a baby

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Alameda is an island full of moms, dads and kids, right next to Oakland. My former co-worker Jen lives there with her husband and baby Rebecca. She tells us, “The island is very family friendly. Parking is easy, and a quarter will buy you a whole 30 minutes worth of it.”

Jen’s tip: If you are a new mom, definitely sign up with New Parent Support. Their old name was Smart Healthy Babies, and the website is not under their new name yet. They offer lactation consulting, moms groups, and other services for new parents, free of charge.

If Jen were not busy being a Vice President of International Marketing at a one thousand-employee company, how might she spend a week with Rebecca?

Monday: Explore Love Logic, a country club for kids. It is free for those who can not crawl. They have spaces for tummy time, and as children get older, they can enjoy dinosaurs, pretend play etc. It is a great place to meet other moms and other kids. They have a calendar of events such as Spanish time, storytime, dance time. They have Parent’s Night Out as well for members only. They are open 7 days a week until 8:30 pm. 2321 Santa Clara Avenue.

Tuesday: Stroll along Park Street. They are plenty of coffee places, a Books Inc., Lauren’s Closet which sells new and consigned baby clothes. They have a chair for breastfeeding too. Pippen Hill an upscale children’s store which has beautiful things. Then stroll to Julie’s to sit out back. It is a beautiful setting, lots of plants and room to spread out. The food menu is limited but quite tasty. Julie also features the works of local artists and offers baby yoga, sign up required.

There is also a farmer’s market Tuesdays from 9-1 pm on Webster and Taylor streets. Great to stroll and nosh as you go.

If you have energy in the evening, check out Central Cinema for Tuesday night’s baby-friendly showing. 7pm show, babies under 1 are free.

Wednesday: Take your toddler to Toddler Time at 9:30am at the Crosstown Coffee House. This is a great space, with wonderful rocking chairs, places for kids to play with toys, and rugs set up for them. Great coffee and food. They have open mic nights, as well as knitting lessons, sign language, and board game night.
1303 High Street

Thursday: Sing a long at 1711 Webster Street in the martial arts studio. This happens 10-10:45 every Tuesday and Thursday. Then check out one of the wonderful lunch places on Webster. Many to choose from and enjoy.

Friday: Stroll the path along the beach, well paved for strollers. Just take Park street until it ends at the beach. Parking is easy and you can go left through a bird sanctuary or right to see views of San Francisco. It is a beautiful long path and great for dogs on leash and strollers. Fantastic place to watch the sunset. If you like Sushi, there is Sushi House as well, always crowded, but worth it.

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