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Things to do in Las Vegas with a baby or toddler New 2020

Things to do in Las Vegas with a baby or toddler

Things to do in Las Vegas with a baby or toddler

Where to push your stroller in Las Vegas

Best places to go in Las Vegas with a baby or a toddler!

Vicky Hudgins, a mom of toddler boy/girl twins, blogs at I’m not sure when she found the time to write up her favorite spots in Las Vegas for moms and babies, but I’m glad she did. This is what she had to say.

Vegas babies: Vicky's twins at Lake Las Vegas

Vegas babies: Vicky’s twins at Lake Las Vegas

While Las Vegas doesn’t carry the reputation for being the most baby friendly city around, I find it to be filled with attention-grabbing baby activities. Living here the first year of my twins life forced me to get to know the more family-friendly side of this city. Whether you live here or are just visiting for a short time, let me help you with my lessons learned!

Here are a few of my favorite finds from my rookie year of momhood:

Experience the Springs Preserve

The springs preserve might be one of the best kept family secrets in Las Vegas. A beautiful 110 acre park filled with nature trails, a western-themed playground, live desert animal exhibits and a learning discovery center. The whole park is super baby friendly offering stroller rentals (even double!), and enough sights to fill your kid’s senses for the day.
A cafeteria style Wolfgang Puck restaurant with outdoor highchair seating offers you a chance to experience the gourmet chef side of Las Vegas in a kid-friendly atmosphere. Spend the afternoon just crawling around the grassy amphitheater, and stay for an evening concert in the summer.


Walk the Strip

When you think of Vegas, you think of the strip. My favorite strip spot to take the babies is the Bellagio Hotel. One of the nicest hotels right in the center of the action, the Bellagio has very clean and extra large bathrooms that all have separate sitting (nursing) areas. You’ll wish your nursing area at home was just as lovely. Walking outside the singing and dancing fountains will capture a good 15 minutes of baby bliss for you. Inside there is a flower conservatory which changes each season and is an amazing display to enjoy. While visiting why not take a quick stroll through Tiffany’s and remind the hubby what a great job you are doing as a rookie mom!

Hit the Gym

The Las Vegas Athletic Club (or LVAC) is a truly amazing gym. If you are looking for a relaxing yoga class or a week of workouts, this is your place. With each week (or year) membership you get two hours of childcare a day for up to 2 babies included. The kid’s play area has a gigantic play structure and very gracious staff who really seem to love on the kids. Most wonderful of all they have video and sound monitors that you can plug into at any machine throughout the club. It was perfect for me as a rookie mom to check in when I was nervous about leaving our babies. The club also has a full cafe and espresso bar so you can use part of your two hours to rest, read and sip a latte.

Enjoy Town Square

Town Square is wins the “most valued baby outing” award. This outdoor shopping area has hundreds of my favorite stores, large sidewalks and good coffee. The outdoor play area has a water pad for the hot summers, a stage with real curtains for make-believe plays, and tree houses complete with toy kitchens. Plus the whole area is gated off- a major plus for rookie moms.

There is also a tall (perfectly manicured) grass maze for older kids to explore. After playing for a while, head to one of my favorite restaurants, Yard House, which has an amazing happy hour from 3-6pm, including kids meals. It is loud, cheap and has over a hundred different kinds of beer on tap making it a great place to take your somewhat fussy babies.

Enter into a Western

A short drive from the lights of Las Vegas proper and you will find yourself in what seems like an old Western Movie. Bonnie Springs Ranch was one of my favorite outings growing up in this city. There is an old Western town set up where they do reenactments of old fashioned gun fights and hangings. There is a petting zoo and a handful of ducks you can feed at their outdoor pond.

Head to the Lake

End your week with a jaunt out to Lake Las Vegas. This is a private lake with a beautiful shopping area. We love the wine and cheese tastings and there is a wonderful gelato shop right on the water. They have a huge grass area with large trees for shade and small hills for the babies to practice their crawling or new-found running skills. They also host a skating rink in the winter and movies by the water in the summer to enjoy together as a family.

Thank you so much to Vicky for sharing these great tips for residents and visitors to Vegas, baby. (sorry, couldn’t help myself!). Check out her fabulous lifestyle business over here >

[Photos provided by Vicky except for the first one of a fancy hotel that I found for free on the Internet]

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