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This High-Tech Lunch Box is a Must-Have for In-Person Learning

This High-Tech Lunch Box is a Must-Have for In-Person Learning

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This High-Tech Lunch Box is a Must-Have for In-Person Learning ”

Some of our kids may be transitioning back to in-person learning this fall. As many school and health officials scramble to adapt to this pandemic, it has been nothing short of chaos. With so many safety concerns and new problems arising, the last thing we need to worry about is school lunches.

No More Cafeterias?

For schools going back to in-person learning, cautious methods are being employed. Schools are making use of outdoor space and spreading apart desks inside classrooms while gyms, cafeterias, and auditoriums will remain off-limits for the foreseeable future. With cafeterias shut down, how are kids safely getting the nutritious meals they need? Have school and government officials provided an effective solution for this new arising problem?

“We do not see kids eating in the cafeteria anymore,” said Ruth McDowell, director of school nutrition services for Edgecombe County Schools in North Carolina. Ruth McDowell has suggested a cafeteria-to-classroom delivery model but that still poses risks as kitchen staff must not transport hundreds of meals across the building. As the hope for a normal return back to school dwindles, my heart goes out to all school staff, students, and parents, having to adapt, time and time again to difficult changes. But this is where technology can make a difference.

How Can LunchEAZE Help?

Moms have always proven that they can overcome and triumph over any challenge. This time is no different and LunchEAZE’s innovative technology could help solve the problem of school lunches staying contact-free during Covid-19. LunchEAZE is a cordless heated lunch box that automatically heats meals according to the user’s designated meal time without needing to stay plugged in. What does this mean for students? It means they can enjoy hot home-cooked meals right at their desks without needing plugs or microwaves while staying far and clear from others. 

What Do School Moms Have to Say About LunchEAZE?

“Definitely LunchEAZE helps by giving students meal options in light of abbreviated menus,” says school mom and LunchEAZE customer, Lacey Castejon, during an interview. Lacey states that although her son’s school in Jacksonville, Florida still provides lunches, the selection is greatly reduced, leaving limited options for picky eaters and kids with food allergies. Her child must now eat his lunches at his desk inside his classroom at all times and this is where LunchEAZE steps in.

“More importantly, I get a lot of peace knowing that my son is eating the foods he loves every day and not fretting about things beyond his control. He is in control of his lunch. And I think right now, more than ever, it is comforting for our kids to have some aspect of their lives in which they still feel in control. And what better way than through food?”. 

Boost Kids’ Morale Through Food

Lacey’s unique perspective rings true. These unprecedented times can have a huge impact on kids and teens’ mental health. Lunch time is one of the most crucial social aspects of students’ daily lives at school and who knows how much it can impact kids’ social development when we must take those experiences away from them? Not being able to touch or hug their friends or eat together like before is probably having a major effect on their mental and social well-being even if the effects may not always be visible to us. And although we cannot lift social distancing anytime soon, we can at least have a positive impact on kids during such stressful times by providing them with this sense of control through better food options. 

 “Planning lunches for the week, shopping together, and meal prepping together has been profound for us right now. As much as it hurts to think about how school has changed for him in recent months, when I pick him up from school and his first words to me are, “That shrimp was SOOOOO GOOD!”….it 100% makes my heart smile.” 

Lacey Castejon shares her heart-warming experience with how this high-tech lunch box has positively impacted her and her son’s transition back to in-person learning. And even if not everyone has the luxury of being able to make changes in their daily lives with investments in technology, I hope that students and parents are able to find their peace of mind during the pandemic in one way or another.

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This High-Tech Lunch Box is a Must-Have for In-Person Learning

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