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This Is How To Improve Your Business’s Website

This Is How To Improve Your Business’s Website

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This Is How To Improve Your Business’s Website ”

No business wants a poorly constructed, and difficult to use website. After all, your website is the first thing that around 70% of customers will see. Fortunately, there are some tactics you can use to make your website the best it can be. Read on to find out what they are. 

UI and UX matter 

First of all, the way visitors interact with your site (UI), and the experience they have when doing so (UX) are important. In fact, a good UI (something you can read more about here) should facilitate good UX if you get it right. 

Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do to improve the UX of your business’s website. These include having your company’s contact info clearly accessible, not over cluttering your page with too much info, and carefully considering the layout of your information in terms of how a customer is likely to use and access it. 

Penetration Testing

Next, penetration testing is a smart action that can help you get the most from your website, both for you and your customers. The idea here is that you get professionals to use osint or open-source intelligence information to ethically hack your site. This shows you where the potential security breaches and problems are. Then you can fix them and offer a much better experience to your customers, and improve speeds and productivity for your business. 


Ensuring your site is responsive

Smartphones are a thing, and they are not going anywhere any time soon. What this means is your website needs to not only knock the ball out of the park when viewed on a PC or laptop but also mobile. Indeed a responsive website is one that optimizes depending on the type of screen it is viewed on – it is responsive to this. 

Of course, such a site isn’t usually one that anyone can knock up. Instead, it takes the work of an expert. However, investing a little extra in creating a responsive website site is usually well worth the money as it can earn your business dividends in the long run. 

Personal, not faceless 

Humanizing and personalizing your website and so your brand is also a valuable improvement you can make. Indeed, the main benefit of this is that it helps to forge a stronger and more trustworthy bond with current and potential customers. After all, what most people want to know before they make a purchase is that their order matters, that it won’t be lost in a sea of others, and it will be dealt with by a real person. 

Happily, you can humanize your site in several ways. The first is to include team photos and a founder’s story on your about us page, making it as relatable as possible. Additionally adding a chatbox, where customers can speak to a real person, and not a robot can make a massive positive difference here and offer the personal touch that will help your website stand out from the crowd. 

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This Is How To Improve Your Business’s Website

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