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Timeless Romantic Gift Ideas That Women Love

Timeless Romantic Gift Ideas That Women Love

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Timeless Romantic Gift Ideas That Women Love ”

There’s nothing like the classic gift to say ‘I love you.’ Whether you’re trying to show the woman you love how much you care on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, or just want to surprise her out of the blue, there are some timeless romantic gifts that will make your feelings clear. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating an older woman or a younger woman, when a special occasion comes along you need gift ideas that will make her swoon. You may think that you already got her the perfect gift last year, one that can’t be topped. If you’re worried about that, go classic. Read on for romantic ‘love gifts’ that your special lady will be overjoyed to receive.


Sending romantic gifts has been a habit for lovers for all of history. Timeless classics turned into heirlooms that have been passed down from one generation to the next. At the top of this list is women’s jewelry. No matter the precious metal or design, pendants, rings and earrings always top the list of gifts most women love.

If you aren’t sure what to send the woman you love, think about a statement piece she’ll adore for years to come. To make it more personal and special, consider jewelry pieces that represents your relationship. Perhaps you travelled somewhere warm and swam with dolphins for your first anniversary. A dolphin pendant would not only represent this but be something she could hang onto for years. Enjoy astronomy together? Consider a star or moon.

Another way to make the gift more personal is to have it engraved. Most local and even some online jewelry retailers often have this option. Whether it’s a date or initials, adding that special touch will not only give the piece a more personal feel, but also attach a timeless story to it.


If you’re trying to figure out how to attract older women or even just trying to get the attention of an older woman you’ve had a crush on, a keepsake gift could be the way to do it. Timeless in their own way, keepsake pieces like leather bound albums, customized frames, shadow boxes and more will give her a place to hold memories and later pass them on.

Keepsakes don’t have to be only for romantic interests either. Mother’s Day gifts, birthdays, and visiting your grandmother are all perfect opportunities for giving an older woman who you love something special. Put a picture of yourself in that locket, frame ticket stubs or even write a note on the front page of that scrapbook. She’s sure to love it.

Custom Mementos

Memories are always timeless. Did you go on a trip with a woman you love? Did you spend summers together somewhere? Do you have a shared story from a place you are fond of? Consider gifting a souvenir from a place that’s dear to you and her. A timeless gift, she’ll display it for years and never forget the time you shared.

For women who love keepsakes, another great gift is a hope chest or trunk where she can store her special memory collections. From old quilts and journals to scrapbooks, baby blankets and shoes, and love letters, a cedar chest will be something she’ll forever treasure. Handy with tools? She’ll love it even more if you build it yourself. Don’t forget to burn your initials into it.

Love Letters

Throughout history, people have saved old love letters in boxes and crates. This is because even when a relationship is over, the contents of a person’s heart are always worth keeping. Whether kept for memory’s sake or just because, love letters are popular for any recipient. If you love a woman, let her know by putting your feelings of affection on paper.

In the age of technology, handwritten love letters aren’t as popular as they used to be. Replaced by emails and text messages, love letters are now even more special because they’re less common. For a way to show your love without spending much, consider writing the woman you love a letter or even poem.

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Timeless Romantic Gift Ideas That Women Love

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