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Tips on How to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter ”

As you prepare for the winter season, you’re probably turning on your furnace for the first time in quite a while. Many people sometimes forget that to run smoothly and safely, furnaces require regular maintenance checks from professionals. You must ensure it’s in excellent shape before you turn it on for the long season ahead.

Read on for helpful tips and insights on furnace maintenance that will keep your home warm and cozy all winter long.

Change or Replace the Filter

Changing or replacing your furnace’s filter is one of the most crucial tasks to remember. Without regular servicing, the filter will eventually become clogged to the point that warm air can’t pass through it. Your home won’t get any heat because all of the warm air will trap inside the system. The furnace will also overheat every time it’s switched on because it will have to work harder to pass that air into your home, which means your bill will be high since it’s using up more energy. A dirty filter also results in poor air quality inside the house. To get your filter serviced, call a trusted furnace repair company in Mississauga and the surrounding area to safely get hot, clean air into your home this winter.

Check the Burners 

Your HVAC professional will know to ensure the burners are free of dust and debris. Over the spring and summer, dust collects on the burners, preventing the furnace from functioning correctly. Make sure there are no signs of rust or misalignment on the burners. If your unit is beginning to deteriorate, it might be time to consider purchasing a new one entirely. Talk to your HVAC maintenance expert about Lennox furnace prices or Goodman furnaces. 

Make Sure the Thermostat Works 

It’s easy to forget something as simple as checking the thermostat. But it’s a critical component to your heating system, and without proper maintenance, the thermostat can wear down. If the thermostat isn’t working to its full capacity, neither will your overall heating system. To check the thermostat, turn it on and see how the furnace responds. If you sense that something isn’t working, considering updating it.

Uncover All the Heating Vents

Another thing that many people forget to do is uncover all of the heating vents. Did you put a bookcase on top of a vent over the summer? Or maybe you put a box of old clothes on top of one in the spare bedroom. Walk around the house to ensure all of the vents are free and open because otherwise, that warm air won’t get through. A blocked furnace will also drive the warm air to go right back up, causing the furnace to overheat.   

Receive Regular Maintenance 

The trick to a healthy furnace is to service it a few times throughout the year, not just in winter. Having your HVAC expert come in every season to check your unit will prevent any urgent repairs or replacements from occurring.

For a warm and safe home this winter, get a professional furnace check-up. As you comfortably snuggle up with a book on the couch in your cozy living room, you’ll be so glad you did.

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Tips on How to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

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